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15 ways to make your mom feel special at the onset of Mother’s Day

Every year, you planned to figure out new things to make your mother’ s feel on the occasion of Mother’s day. And why not she has done so much for you and it’s her day. While you can always cook her favorite dish and buy flowers, why not step things up this year that are unique and fun like going to a water park or a long drive.
You could also use her Mother's Day gifts as the special activity for the day, like treating her to an afternoon at the spa or taking her shopping and buying her something special.

Visit an Amusement Park

A trip to Amusement or a water park is always fun. No matter, what our age is we all love taking rides. This mother’s day why not to take your mom to an amusement park and have fun with her. Finish the day with a giant stick of cotton candy.

Take her on Long Drive

Surprise your mom by taking her on a long drive. Bonus points if you plan to rent a car she’s always dreamt of driving. Isn’t this idea sounds cool?

Plan a wellness retreat

Kick-off Mother's Day on a healthy note. A yoga session with your mum can make her day amazing. Pick a practice, pack your mats and healthy snacks, and enjoy a full day of full of fun


If your mom loves nature and plants then enjoy this beautiful day with the peaceful gardening session.  Head over to the nursery and stock up on her favorite floral—even spoil her with some new garden tools. 

Sing her a song

You don't need to be an expert songwriter to do this, just pen down some words straight from your heart and create a tune for it. Your mother will surely love it. Bonus, this works great if you can sing her for too. You can also sing her favorite song

Treat her to Fancy Restaurant

This day is only for her. So make her feel special by giving a treat to her to a fancy restaurant. She would definitely enjoy this. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance. Ask her to dress best and enjoy a fancy meal with your mum

Shopping Therapy

How about taking to her shopping? Everyone loves a little spree. Go to her favorite showroom or mall. You can also enjoy street shopping with your mum. If you couldn't find the perfect present for mom, she could even pick out her own.

Helping Others

Spend the day volunteering for a cause close to both of your hearts. It will fill you with warmth to help others in need while bonding with mom.

Go Antique

There's nothing more exhilarating for collectors than discovering a beautiful future heirloom. You can also gift antique items like crockery, watch, etc.

Serve breakfast in Bed

This may sounds cliché but moms will love it. Start a day with a tray full of her favorite dish delivered right to her bed. As she’s enjoying her meal, you can complete other household chores.

Go on an outdoor vacation

You can make her feel special by taking her on a short trip. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air with your mom leading the way.

Cook Together

If your moms love cooking, join her in the kitchen and prepare a delicious lunch or dinner. You can also cook alone and prepare her favorite dishes.

Plan a Picnic

Skip the noisy, pricey restaurant and instead plan a picnic in a park. The beautiful outdoors, a loving family, and delicious food make for lasting memories.

A Spa retreat

Give your hardworking a day to relax and pamper her. Book a spa session for her. She will feel completely rejuvenated