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Chane Ki Barfi

A simple Rajasthani Festival dish that's made around Teej and Rakhi

It's called Sattu which is made in two styles - Chane and Chawal( Rice)

I have made with Chane ki Dal.


  • 1 cup Roasted Chane ki Dal
  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • Ghee as per kneading


  1. Take Chane ki Dal and roast them well. Make sure they aren't burnt, once done. let it cool and grind it in the grinder and then seive it in a big bowl.
  2. Now,Take the powdered sugar, seive it too and mix well with the powdered chane ke dal.
  3. Followed by melted ghee , pour lil by lil and mix it wid your hands..keep checking when it starts to binds and then make them in any shape of your choice or your lil ones favourite wid help of cutters etc
  4. I have made them in Katli form, while they are usually shaped like a round ladoo.
Recipe by : Deepika shukla

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