What to pack in your hospital bag during your delivery?

What to pack in your hospital bag during your delivery? Banner

The labour pain can strike anytime, especially after 34 weeks of pregnancy. It makes sense to pack the hospital bag well in time to avoid being caught on the wrong foot. Your bag-readiness decides how smooth and convenient the delivery and your stay at the birthing centre will be.

As it’s better to err on the side of caution, here’s your hospital maternity bag checklist.

Hospital file

When you are pacing the corridors in early labour, your hospital file comes in handy. The file should carry all your medical records to date. That’ll allow doctors to get on with your delivery procedure right away. The paperwork that the birthing centre requires should also be included in the file. Ensure you carry an ID proof, preferably a driver's license, as you might need it.


Your hospital is likely to provide you gowns for labour. But, feel free to bring your gown or nightdress for comfort sake. Also, pack a couple of loose sleep pants and postpartum leggings. Stuffing in some extra undies and nursing bras is also a great idea. Things are bound to get messy during labour. So, bring old clothes, rather than buying new ones. Plus, cozy socks are a must, as body temperature nosedives during labour. Backless slippers should also be included.


Take your share of eatables when packing for the birthing centre. You might need it to boost your energy levels before labour pain sets in, mid-labour and postpartum. Plus, your partner might need something to eat to sustain him/herself. Ensure the eatables are light, easy to digest, nutritious and mineral-rich. Your ideal options include biscuits, natural fruit juices, electrolyte drinks, granola bars, and any other labor-friendly snack. Having some sugarless candies is suggested to counter the dryness in the mouth that you might develop postpartum.

Personal care products

Though carrying vanity products is not recommended, some personal care items can be a great help during your stay at the birthing centre. Pack in your toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, soap, and face wash to maintain personal hygiene, which is essential for safe delivery. Carrying a moisturizer and lip balm is highly recommended to ward off skin rashes due to dryness.

Something to stay entertained

If you are admitted to the centre way before the labour pain sets in, carry some reading material, Smartphone, laptop and anything else that keeps you entertained. You’ll have plenty of time to kill.

Published on: 02nd January 2020


1. Hospital File

2. Clothes

3. Eatables

4. Personal Care Products

5. Something To Stay Entertained