Ways to boost language development in Toddlers

Ways to boost language development in Toddlers Banner
Ways to boost language development in Toddlers Banner

As a parent, it is always exciting to see your Toddler trying to emit new words and pronounce what their elders speak; learning to talk is an exciting milestone that starts from the birth of a child. Any parents will like to watch their kids grow smart and help them to explore new things and find their passion in life. But to make all things happen the first task as a parent is to encourage their child by making him communicate in a language.

Here are some effective ways to boost language development in your Toddler very smartly and quickly.

Read together

Pictures help in developing a long term and strong memory, for any kids color full images are fascinating and expands their interest. Share a picture book with your kid and help them recognize things by pointing out pictures. It is a great way to build vocabulary and understanding. Also, encourage a conversation concerning the picture or thing. Ex. Apple: Apple is a tasty fruit.

Narrate your day

When you are out with your Toddler, talk to him about what you both are watching around you. Get descriptive, for example, “The birds are flying”, “The cow is eating Grass” At the vegetable market or grocery store, talk about what you are putting in the cart; “This grape looks very fresh and sweet” .

Use Complete Sentences

Expand your child’s ability by speaking to them in complete sentences. If they ask for a particular thing in a couple of words, help them to frame a sentence with the proper pronunciations. If your kid asks for “more cereals” encourage them to say, “I want to have or eat more cereals”

Give options

Whenever you have options available, instead of handing over one particular thing to your Toddler, ask them to choose one which they like by naming it and point out on it. Ex. “Would you like to eat mango or Banana”. This way helps your toddler in distinguishing and communicating.

Encourage details

Add to what they say, Describe the details of what they see or point. Like, if they point elephant, say “Elephants are black in color and giant animal”. It allows kids to get more details about what they see and improves their communication.

Slow your pace

Taking to Toddler or helping them learn a language requires some patience. When you comment, you need to be sure to pause, to give them a chance to process your sentence and respond. Kids get more engaged once they realize, they got your full attention.

Believe me, your child is smartest!

Treat your Toddler as if they are smart and intelligent, which they are! Hold your conversation consciously, asks about their likes, dislikes, choices, etc. Listen to them attentively and respond as if you understood. With this, they start to express more and develop their language.

Model Proper Grammar

Use proper grammar when you speak to your kid, model it for them whenever required. They learn to speak (and write) from you.

Encourage your child’s Imagination

Provide your kid with smart toys, stuffed animals, Lego’s, fantasy character clothing, etc. It enhances their creativity and helps in making playful conversation with interest. It eventually helps in building their vocabulary.

Do something silly

You have to become a kid to understand a kid, you can get your toddlers attention and provide them the opportunity to communicate by being silly and doing unusual things, like, sing a song with no voice, or leaving their cereal bowl empty. Though it may sound silly however it is necessary, here kids will have to communicate anyhow to get your attention and letting you know something is wrong. Following the situation, you can raise the conversation.

Published on: 01st July 2020