Try these brilliant tips to increase your child's appetite and make them eat better.

Try these brilliant tips  to increase your child's appetite and make them eat better. Banner
Try these brilliant tips  to increase your child's appetite and make them eat better. Banner

Loss of appetite in kids is the main concern for parents. However, it is common for children between the ages of two and five to experience a loss of appetite. But in some cases, it could be a cause of concern. Mommunity will tell you about the major reasons for the loss of appetite in children, ways to correct it, and supplements that might help build it back.

Reasons of loss of appetite in toddlers

Slow growth rate

Changes in growth can cause an appetite loss in toddlers. Kids grow fast in the first year, however, there is a decline in growth rate after that and they may eat less food. In this stage, a decline in appetite is very normal. During 2nd year kids put on 2.3 kg weight only as compared to 7kg and 21 cm in the first year.


Teething can also cause loss of appetite in kids due to the discomfort and pain of the teeth tearing through your baby’s gums. Babies often start teething between 4-7 months. In this case, try giving them cold food like curd or mashed fruits. Breastfeeding and bottle feeding can further increase the pain so try feeding him with a cup instead.

High intake of fluids

If your baby is consuming a lot of fluids like juices, water, milk, etc then there is a chance of loss of appetite. The milk your baby is drinking is sufficient enough to keep him hydrated until he is 6 months old. If you are offering your baby excess water then it may hinder his ability to absorb nutrients that breast milk contains. The baby feels too full, too soon and thus there is a decline in his appetite.


Whenever you have options available, instead of handing over one particular thing to your Toddler, ask them to choose one which they like by naming it and point out on it. Ex. “Would you like to eat mango or Banana”. This way helps your toddler in distinguishing and communicating.

How To Improve Your Child’s Appetite

  • Children love eating snacks but it is important to make them eat those snacks which are healthy. Make smart food choices, For example, instead of pizza you can give them sandwiches or roti pizza, instead of fried food make them eat baked food
  • Do not allow them to snack when it is time for meals; maintain a consistent time gap between both.
  • If your child has a lower iron level then there is a decline in the child’s appetite. Some reports indicate that at least one in eight toddlers tend to become anemic before the age of 2 years. Kids less than the age of 9 years need about 7 to 10 milligrams of iron a day and those above the age of 9 years need about 8 milligrams of iron daily. Add iron-rich food in your kid’s diet
  • Add Ajwain, Basil, Ginger in your kid’s food as this food help in improving appetite. Add these between the age of 8-12 months. These food improve digestion and make your kid feel hungry
  • Rather forcing your kids to eat that food that he refused to eat, try to include that food that your kids like. Be creative the way you present the food. By the time your kid is 8 months old, he responds to colors and shapes. So make food look interesting.
  • Let your kid focus on food. There should be no distraction such as toys or television. Encourage or appreciate your kid if eat well and just make mealtime all about enjoying food.
  • Add new foods and flavors slowly so that your kid would be familiar with the taste.
  • If your kid refuses to eat, let it be and try again. Don’t force your kid to eat, it will encourage him to eat anything at all. Don’t make mealtime stressful for your child.

Published on: 02nd July 2020