Toys instill creativity in children and help develop their motor skills Here are 10 essential toys for your child’s complete brain development

Toys instill creativity in children and help develop their motor skills Here are 10 essential toys for your child’s complete brain development Banner

As your baby grows older their attention span grows too, and it becomes a struggle to keep them entertained. At this age, babies begin to demonstrate their advanced skills, like clapping their hands, pulling themselves up to stand and crawling. As they become more skilled in using their body and their brain begins to develop more rapidly, babies respond better to toys that are appropriate for their age. Therefore, it’s important that your baby has a variety of toys that encourage movement at this age because your baby is doing so many new things.

Things to consider while buying toys for babies

Before purchasing toys for toddlers, consider the following points:

Size: At 3 months, babies aren’t quite ready to hold toys on their own yet, but they could. Toys small in size will help encourage their instincts to grasp and hold items on his own.

Tummy time: As soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital, and you start their tummy time, by 3 months you’ll want to add some fun toys too so that they have something interesting to hold on while they’re on their tummy.

Safety: Babies at a young age explore with their mouths. That means that you will have to be extra careful while introducing toys with loose parts or small pieces, as well as select toys that use kids-safe paints, BPA-free plastics and other baby-friendly materials.

In this article, Mommunity brings to you a list of toys that will entertain your baby and help them develop important skills while they play.

1. Blocks

Traditional and basic blocks have been around for hundreds of years for a reason. They assist with hand-eye coordination, creativity, and much more. They are best for older babies, and come for children from ages 18 months through 4 years old.

2. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are another staple for baby’s development. Kids love both stacking and piling them high and nesting them together. They’re an amazing choice for enhancing those organizational/sorting brain cells! Don’t forget the stacking rings, either!

3. Activity Mat

The activity mat is a key “toy” for development, which assists in tummy time, learning to sit, and beyond. Most of them come with plenty of visual stimuli like mirrors, toys to grab, and various textures/colors, so during tummy time, there’s tons of things to explore and grab as your baby grows.

4. Shape Sorter

A Shape Sorter is another classic developmental toy for any baby. They help strengthen fine motor skills and spatial reasoning, not to mention they also assist with learning shapes and colors. They’re just perfect for older babies.

5. Musical toys

Babies love musical toys that encourage them to create their own tunes as well as help them experiment with different kinds of sound, while also developing many other skills, such as their motor skills and cause and effect.

6. Pop-up Toys

When the babies are around 5 months old, they begin to develop the understanding that all objects and people still exist even if they are out of sight. These toys help older babies continue to develop this understanding of object permanence and points out that the peek-a-boo toy also assists with hand-eye coordination.

7. Touch & Feel Books

Touch and feel books are perfect for building sensory skills as well as early literacy skills. Babies learn about different textures as they touch the objects on each page. Reading the book along with your baby will help them identify the objects on each page and also help them develop language and social skills.

8. Ball-drop Toys

Babies begin developing their social skills at birth and toys that involve social interaction are ideal for enhancing these skills. These ball-drop toys are a simple game that your baby can play with an adult or peer and have lots of interactions. Toddlers enjoy playing with it to build their own towers and experiment with tower setups that make the ball go down the slides faster.

9. Toy Phones

Babies will begin to form their first sounds and words at their own pace, but this little toy telephone encourages them to chat away and imitate their mom and dad. The telephone toys help babies develop their speech through role play.

10. Cause and Effect Toys

Cause and effect are another essential skill that babies begin to develop when they are 5 months old. These toys show your baby that by doing one thing it could result in another happening. Pop n’ Push Cars are perfect for developing this skill and they help your baby work on many important developmental skills at once. While chasing the car after it has been released will help them develop crawling skills.

Published on: 14th September 2021