Top 8 Best foods Breastfeeding Mother should Eat

Top 8 Best foods Breastfeeding Mother should Eat Banner
Top 8 Best foods Breastfeeding Mother should Eat Banner

Breast milk is an incredible first food for your baby because it protects them from illness and disease. Breastfeeding has lots of benefits for baby, and for mothers too.

As a breastfeeding mother, you probably have plenty of questions running through your mind about your breast milk supply. Am I going to make enough? Is my child efficiently nursing? As some women have difficulty producing enough milk and must be worried about their child’s health, growth, and all they want to do nothing less than the best.

There are certain foods that enhance breast milk and increase lactation. Here is a list of foods to be included in your diet in order to boost the supply of breast milk. These foods not only increase your breast milk but also help you return to health after your pregnancy and delivery!

1. Oats

Oats are one of the most popular and full of nutrition food for nursing women as it contains Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals. Oatmeal is a good source of Iron and can help increase red blood cell count in blood, resulting in enhanced breast milk manufacturing.

They also contain vitamin B to boost energy, combat exhaustion, anxiety, stress, and depression. You can have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.

2. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds or saunf is a common herb that benefits indigestion problems and menstrual issues. It is also used by breastfeeding women to stimulate and increase breast milk production.
You can add fennel seeds to your tea or boil a few seeds with milk and drink up.

3.Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is the herbal remedy used for increasing the production of breast milk as these seeds are the rich source of fiber, Omega 3, iron, Beta Carotene, Calcium, and Potassium.
You can use these seeds in the form of ladoo, mixed in some vegetable, by sprouting them, making a powdered chutney, or adding it to stuffing in roti or parantha.

4. Unripe Papaya

Green Papaya is the best source of galactogogue which helps to induce lactation and enhance milk production.
Papaya is also one of the most nutritious fruit and ensures your health and baby’s development simultaneously.
Green papaya can be eaten cooked, raw, or even as a curry.


Garlic is more than just a flavoring for food as it contains Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids. It is considered the best food to increase breast milk and also for boosting lactation in breastfeeding women.
You can stir-fried garlic cloves and use them in your vegetable or soup.


Barley is rich in many nutrients and also the best source of galactagogue which helps the nursing mother to increase their milk supply. Barley not only boosts lactation but also keeps hydrated to the nursing mother.
You can boil barley and have the water through the day also you can add barley with other vegetables.

7.Almonds & Other nuts

Nuts are a quick energy booster and the best source of protein.
Especially, Almonds are rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E as Omega 3 helps lactation boosting hormone to produce more milk supply. You can have Cashew Nuts, Peanuts, along with Almonds.
You can have soaked or roasted Almond as snacks and can grind it with milk and have that milk.


Yogurt is the best source of Probiotics as it contains high amounts of Calcium, Protein, Phosphorus, and Vitamin B-12.
Due to its high protein content and delicious thick texture, it’s an easy and healthiest snack for the nursing mother to enhance the breast milk supply.

Adding these foods to your diet can boost your supply of milk for breastfeeding.
So Breastfeeding mothers, make sure you eat the right foods, sleep well, take adequate rest, and enjoy the breastfeeding time with your little one.

Published on: 23rd October 2019


This is completely false. Sugar does not affect breast milk. In addition, the fat and calorie content of mom's milk is not affected by her diet.

Fish, Alcohol, Processed Food, Coffee, Tea. etc are some food that breastfeeding moms should avoid.

When a lady is breastfeeding she requires extra 500 calories per day- yogurt can act as extra source of calories while providing essential nutrients that a mom need.  Indeed yogurt is good for breastfeeding moms.