Tips to protect your child from infections

Tips to protect your child from infections Banner
Tips to protect your child from infections Banner

Germs such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi are everywhere! Hence it is very important to safeguard child from the attack of germs as they are the real cause of disease and infection. 

Common infections from which kids suffer are throat infections, skin infections, eye infections, lung infections, urine infections and a lot more. Sometimes infections also cause fever, rashes, and itchy skin, cold, cough as their symptoms.

One of the best ways to stay away from infections is to be organized, especially if your baby is at high risk. This will help you prepare and know what to expect.

Here are a few common tips you should follow to protect your child from viral infections:

Maintain cleanliness around the children

Make sure you clean your child's area and surrounding is hygienic enough so that he cannot catch any infection easily. Clean toys, highchairs, and worktops regularly, as germs can live for up to 48-hours on surfaces. Make sure any antibacterial cleaners are safe to use around children and keep them far out of reach.

Wash Your hands thoroughly

Washing your hands  is really important in the fight against infections. Many children wash their hands before or after eating food, after bathroom use, post gardening or after playing in the mud.

But it is very important that kids should be taught to wash their hands and legs before they come into the room.

Even if they suffer from cold or cough, always wash their hands after sneezing to avoid the spread of infections more. Make sure they nicely clean their fingertips and nails while washing hands.

Avoid people who are unwell

You can not keep your baby from coming into contact with all the infections every time.

But If your baby is at a higher risk, so make sure to avoid contact with other adults and children with cold-like symptoms (such as a runny nose, sneezing, or feeling generally unwell).

Vaccinate in time

Vaccination is the best and most effective way of protecting children and infants from deadly infections and diseases. All infants and children should be given the vaccinations recommended at an appropriate age.

Use disposable tissues

Use a new tissue each time you need to clean your baby's nose or eyes, and do not use the same tissue on different parts of their face, to avoid infection spreading. Make sure those around your baby also catch their own sneezes and coughs in disposable tissues, and then throw them away.

Published on: 09th April 2020