Tips to Help Your Children Grow More Responsible

Tips to Help Your Children Grow More Responsible Banner
Tips to Help Your Children Grow More Responsible Banner
Tips to Help Your Children Grow More Responsible Banner

Being responsible means learning to take care of others and yourself, as well as managing a good life, personal belongings, home and job.

But making your kids responsible when parenting won’t happen overnight, you have to make constant efforts for helping your children to learn responsibility.

Here are some important tips that parents must follow to help their children grow responsible:

1. Start when the child is young

You cannot suddenly expect a teenager to be more responsible if you’ve never introduced him or her to this concept before.

For instance, if you’re at work and your child calls you up saying he/she is hungry. What would you do? Ask him/her to make a sandwich? Or just let them wait until you reach home? If you want to make your children more responsible, you have to start early to inculcate responsible habits in them.

When you feel your children have started learning different things, also try to teach them to prepare a sandwich or some simple dishes that they can make carefully without your help. This way they don’t have to depend on anyone else to make a meal for them when they grow up.

2. Give proper routines and structure to follow

These habits are crucial in every child’s life for different reasons. For instance, if your child can master their bedtime routine, cleaning their toys and getting ready every morning, they will successfully develop good grooming and study habits over time. When they start growing, also teach them basic life skills like helping you with household chores, such as making simple meals or doing laundry.

3. Let your child pay themselves for any damaged goods

If kids are allowed to pay from their allowances for lost phones, library books or a vase broken by their football or basketball, they will know the consequences of any damages done to the house or any other object given to them. They will also act more responsible for the next time.

4. Praise them too

Parenting is not just about scolding your kids or disciplining them all the time. Also, praise them when they do good work while helping you in the kitchen. Moreover, keep thanking them for every work they do for you. This way they also learn gratitude and thankfulness.

5. Don’t jump into baling out your child in difficult situations

You need to be there with your child in difficult situations like working on combating their fears. But also let them handle some trouble themselves like making an apology for their misbehaviour with a schoolmate. They must realise on their own that they have done wrong and must apologise. Don’t just rush into the situations to make conclusions like that the other kid was wrong in the whole matter. This way your child, instead of facing such situations alone, will seek an easier way to get out of them.

6. Avoid rewards

Avoid a reward system when helping your child to be more responsible. In this case, kids respond better to praises, as it boosts their self-confidence. You can give rewards for certain tasks that are beyond your expectations like extraordinary work during household responsibility, etc.

Teaching responsibility to your children is not easy. But you must be aware that no task of parenting is easy, right? It takes years of learning and practice, followed by the given tips, to help your child become a responsible human being.

Published on: 27th January 2020


Responsible kids are likely to be more successful. They are organized and corporative. They are also open for learning.

If you have responsibility for something that means it is your duty or job to get it done. You have to deal with the job and take decision regarding it.

Yes, value is an important value. If your kid is not responsible then he will leave things undone.