Skincare routine for both mother and baby

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Skincare is paramount for mothers as well as their newborns. After giving birth, moms become so preoccupied with their children that oftentimes they forget to take care of themselves. This not only takes a toll on their health but also makes their skin look dull. Proper skin care is not only necessary for moms, but also for their babies. Effective skincare fortifies a newborn’s overall wellbeing and also protects the child from rashes, skin diseases, and discomfort. If you are a new mom and are often befuddled about how to start a skincare routine for yourself and your child, don’t worry. We have listed some basic steps which are simple enough to follow and will produce the desired results.

Baby Skincare

Follow the tips mentioned below to ensure that your child’s skin remains soft and healthy:

Bathing and cleansing: On average, a newborn baby needs two to three baths with lukewarm water every week in order to stay clean. To begin with, find the suitable temperature and fill the bathtub with up to 3 inches of water. To ensure that the baby stays warm during bathing, use a mug and keep pouring water over their neck and shoulders. Alternatively, you can also give sponge baths if your baby is too small. Facial skin is always more sensitive so make sure to clean the face with a moist piece of cotton. If you wish to wash the baby’s hair, apply the shampoo to a washcloth and gently wash the scalp with it. Always apply the baby lotion afterward so as to lock in moisture and prevent dryness of the skin.

During diapering: Changing diapers, again and again, is quite a task, but preventing a diaper rash is definitely a much bigger task. Every time you change the baby’s diaper, use baby wipes to protect your child from germs. Also, apply either diaper cream or warm water on your baby’s bottom before patting them dry. It is important to let the moisture vanish before putting on a new diaper- this is the only way to prevent a diaper rash.

Avoid certain products: Infants have sensitive skin and might be allergic to certain products, so it is important to be mindful of the kind of products you use. Only use skincare products that are made for babies or are specifically prescribed by a healthcare professional. Always note your child’s reaction to the products in order to avoid allergies. Avoid products that are too harsh for a baby’s soft skin, such as antibacterial, perfumed, and deodorant soaps.

Skincare for Moms

When it comes to effective skincare for women, consistency is key. If followed regularly, our skincare routine is all you need to maintain beautiful and glowing skin:

Cleansing & moisturizing: Choose any good cleanser from the ones available in the market, apply it on a piece of cotton and use it to wipe your face. Cleansers remove oil, dirt, and sweat from your face, leaving behind perfectly clean skin. Moisturize after cleansing to prevent skin dryness. For best results, repeat this process twice every day.

Double cleansing & Toning: If you aren’t pressed for time, apply a rinseable cleanser as well after your usual cleanser to make your skin super clean. Applying a toner is also a great idea- it keeps the skin clean and balanced.

Be mindful of what you eat: A balanced diet with loads of antioxidants is imperative for maintaining beautiful skin, so make sure to eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables. It is also necessary to drink loads of water so as to stay hydrated.

We know that it's hard to take care of your skin after the baby is born. You have a million other things to do and numerous responsibilities to fulfill. However, just by following these simple tips, you can easily take care of your skin as well as your child’s.

Published on: 10th May 2021