Secrete tips to help breastfeed baby longer – Do’s and Don’ts

Secrete tips to help breastfeed baby longer – Do’s and Don’ts Banner
Secrete tips to help breastfeed baby longer – Do’s and Don’ts Banner

As a mum, you must be aware of the advantages of breastfeeding. It is the best sustenance for the infant—it contains antibodies and every single other supplement required to support a child's growth and development.

Breastfeeding is a learning involvement with which, the mother and infant get settled eventually with time. You need to give yourself and your child time to figure out how to breastfeed. Make it a treasuring experience for both of you. As a new mother, you often find yourself getting breastfeeding tips from all nooks and corners. Some work while others do not give any fruitful results. With a large number of breastfeeding advice and experiences, you may end up getting more confused than ever. In this article we will tell you tried and tested breastfeeding latching tips- what to do and avoid while breastfeeding your baby!

Here are a couple of secret tips to Help Breastfeed Baby Longer

Start breastfeeding immediately after giving birth to your baby

It is suggested to breastfeed with a gap of a maximum of two hours. Even if you feel the flow of the breastmilk appears to be slow or it is blocked, keep on trying. The more you try in the initial 7 to 10 days the easier will it get for you.

Change the diaper

Before feeding change the diaper of the baby. Studies showed that babies take a better feed of they are wearing a clean and dry diaper.

Feed-in peace

It is suggested to Breastfeed your newborn in peaceful area. If you’re feeding your baby in a public place, try to feed in a corner that is not overcrowded and noisy. Panicking and feeling uncomfortable will make things worse. The study shows that your baby can feel his/her mother's uncomfortable vibes. So relax and feed your baby comfortably.

Keep them clean

Before giving a breastfeed to your wipe the breast region with a wet clean cloth. Your body may have sweat, milk residue, etc hence it is suggested to clean your breast. Sometimes negligence on your part could be affecting your little one’s health

Use a breast pump

If you are experiencing difficulty in nursing for unknown reasons, using a breast pump can be a decent method to keep on taking care of your child breast milk while offering you some help from disappointment, sore areolas, or different issues. Furthermore, breast pump innovation has progressed significantly, making it considerably more agreeable

Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Eat a properly well-balanced diet filled with proteins, fruits, and vegetables. It is suggested to take 300 more calories each day, hence avoid overeating. Always keep in mind what you eat, your baby eats too. Therefore reduce the intake of caffeine and spicy foods.

Breastfeeding cushion

Breastfeeding cushions are a phenomenal guide for new mums. They lift the infant to the perfect stature, dropping the weight from the arms and maintains a strategic distance from pointless strain on the back.

Try not to Do If Wanted to Breastfeed Longer

No unexpected Disappearance

Appoint a nanny before you leave for work, don’t simply vanish into thin air. This affects the baby negatively. Let the child get used to the presence of nanny and your reduced presence.

Never re-use breast milk

Before leaving for work instruct each one of the individuals who will be dealing with the infant in your absence that the breast milk must be defrosted once. So if there is some left in the jug, instruct them to toss it and do whatever it takes not to refreeze or store breast milk once it has been defrosted.

Abstain from sharing the breast pump gear

If you are one of the fortunate families, with at least two children simultaneously (for eg: a joint family set-up) or have a more established relative who demands to give her breast pump to you, decay the offer cordially and demand to purchase another set for yourself. Reused breast pumps are not good for your little one’s health.

Switching breast

Switching breast too early is not suggested. Hence, let your little one drain one breast fully before switching it too next.

No dispensable holders

Experts prompt against utilizing expendable jug liners as they can't be sanitized henceforth can demonstrate hard to keep up the significant level cleanliness required.

Don’t breastfeed if you are sad or angry

Your mood plays a vital role in breastfeeding your baby. Your baby can sense that you are upset or your mood is low and hence it can impact your milk flow Give yourself time to calm down, thin about good things in life and then give it a go.

Don’t ignore the pain

If you are experiencing sore nipple don’t ignore sign. Talk to your doctor about this and ask them to give a right ointment that can your relief pain. A wonderful tip to heal chapped nipples is to extract some breast milk and apply this milk on the sensitive skin

Published on: 11th August 2020