Mother’s Day Facts probably you didn’t know about

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Mothers are the most beautiful creation of god. There is no greater love than that of a mother for her child. She is up and running all the long, behind your back like a pillar all the time.

She is someone you can rely on at any point of time, at any situation of life and at any age of yours. Your mother, without any expectation does so many magical things for you, that you can’t thank her in your lifetime. Mother’s Day is, in general an annual reminder to showcase how much your love or care for your mother. Many give a bit of rest to their mom on this particular day, or some take her out for a lovely dinner at some good restaurant. Give them a few gifts to thank for her love, care or dedication towards the family. Her world revolves around ours, all she tensed about is the well- being of their kids and family. That’s what a mother is, bold, beautiful, magical, carer and more included. But with this special day comes few facts which many of us aren’t aware about. So, here are Mother’s Day facts probably you didn’t know about –

Mother’s Day date is not Fixed -

A lot of people tend to remember special dates for their loved one. But Mother’s Day date is something which fluctuates with the calendar. It’s not always on same date. Rather, it is observed on the second Sunday of May every year. The date is not fixed, the day is. The second Sunday of May in any year will be termed as Mother’s Day. This year, it will be celebrated on 10th May 2020.

Mother’s Day came into Law in the year 1914 -

During civil war, Ann Jarvis started an effort to befriend mothers of both the sides in 1868. Her daughter Anna Reeves continued the legacy and celebrated first Mother’s Day in 1908. After which, Woodrow Wilson legitimized as nationwide holiday by drafting it into law.

Grandmas, Mother-in-law also get benefitted on this day -

Not only mothers, Grand-mother and Mother-in-Law also take centre-stage and become a part of this amazing day. Granny’s are taken extra care by their kids and grandsons-granddaughters.

Gift cards, Jewellery and dinner treats are most common-

Mother’s Day holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Each one of us want to make our moms feel special on this day. Gift card is go to option, few opt to gift jewellery while few take their mom for a nice meal in a good restaurant.

This Mother’s Day make the most ofout of it and treat your mother as a princess. Hope you’d be able to surprise her with your planned actions. Happy Mother’s Day.

Published on: 04th May 2020