List of Probiotic Food that help in Digestion

List of Probiotic Food that help in Digestion Banner
List of Probiotic Food that help in Digestion Banner

Probiotic food, often known as probiotics, are known to help in the process of digestion, and is a friend in blessing for one’s digestive system. These are commonly referred to as fermented food and are taken as supplements besides normal diet system.

What does probiotic food consist of?

Probiotic food often consists of helpful or good bacteria and yeast which aid the process of digestion for the digestive system. These micro organisms especially bacteria are concerned with supporting the human digestive system, therefore keeping the gut healthy. Not to forget, these are live micro organisms being consumed in form of supplementary diet food.

Benefits of probiotic food:

• In Digestion As they are digestive tract friendly, they help in maintaining, polishing and re balancing the gut health. This would also result in lesser digestive disorders and other bowel disorders. Also, probiotics have shown to reduce risk of severe necrotizing enterocolitis, a severe fatal bowel condition in infants, by 50 percent.

• In preventing and treating Diarrhea Probiotics are a very good source of treatment of diarrhea. Not only treatment, but research says, it can reduce the risk or chance of having diarrhea by 42% when consumed in calculated and proper amount as necessary.

• In providing mental aid Studies and research work says, proper consumption of probiotic food can aid and improve symptoms of mental issues such as dealing with anxiety, depression and stress.

• Improved memory scientists say, regular consumption of probiotic food as a supplement as a side support post having proper maintained diet could help with a sharper memory and can multiply memory retention capability in individuals.

• Maintaining the heart Doctors have studies that dedicated consumption of probiotic food can help with a better health of heart. Not only that, it also eliminates the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.

• Reduces bad cholesterol Research has prompted that maintained and regular dedicated consumption of probiotic food can reduce cholesterol level by 4 to 5 percent.

• Regulating high blood pressure Probiotic foods are a great super food known to reduce or medically lower blood pressure thus aiding an individual in having a checked and maintained blood pressure in case he or she is suffering from high blood pressure issues.

• Reduced risk of allergies Probiotic food has been used to reduce the severity of allergies such as eczema. Pregnant mothers who take probiotics during pregnancy are known to give birth to children who are 83% less risk exposed in developing eczema in the first two years of life. Some probiotics also aid in reducing inflammatory responses for people who are allergic to milk or dairy in general.

• Boosts immune system Probiotic food targets T-lymphocytes and Ig-A producing cells, hence helping the body produce natural antibodies in a better rate and boosting the immune system. Studies say it helps in reducing respiratory infection. Children have shown 17% reduction in respiratory infection, however, more research is to be done to give final evidence on the same. Women consuming probiotics show 50% lesser chance of UTIs.

• Aids weight reduction

Probiotics have proven to reduce fat in the following ways:

• Keeps an individual fuller for longer periods by increasing levels of certain hormones such as GLP-1.

• Helps excrete unwanted fat through excreta.

Thus probiotics aids in 50% reduction of body weight and 8.5% belly fat reduction as per studies.

Probiotic food forms:

• Pickled vegetables

• Kimchi

• Fermented yogurt and milk drinks

• Kefir

• Tempeh

• Miso

• Soy products

• Probiotic tablets, capsules and powders

Published on: 30th March 2021