Killing those annoying germs is now easy

Killing those annoying germs is now easy Banner
Killing those annoying germs is now easy Banner

Now that most of the world is under the clutches of Covid-19, proper hygiene has become the first priority for everyone. You may be sitting at home thinking; "only prevention from outsiders won't help, personal hygiene matters a lot. But the question arises how?

Killing germs naturally may not be easy all the time so, the most handy solution is to keep your house clean to kick all the germs out from your premises. We have listed some homemade remedies to kill germs

Regular sanitizing and disinfecting the house

The first and foremost tip is to regularly sanitize your house using a disinfectant. Old soap and water are two of the best alternatives for cleaning the surfaces in your home, just like your hands. Using disinfect works as it dissolves the fats of the infection, which inactivates it and prevents it from spreading.

Leave your shoes by the door

Shoes don’t just carry dirt into our homes – they even have the potential to introduce germs. For this reason, it’s best to form your home a ‘shoes-free’ zone and to wash hard floors regularly, says Verity Mann, ‘Start by vacuuming or sweeping hard floors to urge obviate loose dirt then mop with a warm solution of disinfectant,’ she advises. ‘Take care to not over-wet laminate flooring as this might cause it to warp.’

Don’t overlook ‘high touch’ surfaces

It’s easy to remember to clean and disinfect obvious germ hotspots like the restroom and kitchen surfaces. But other frequently touched surfaces in our homes need attention, too – don’t forget to clean door and handles, light switches, mirrors, etc.

You can use a solution of bleach or another disinfectant to wipe handles and doorknobs then dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth. If you are using bleach, then make sure to rinse that area after applying it. Also it is not advisable to directly spray anything on light switch. Instead, prepare a disinfectant solution in an old spray bottle and spray this lightly onto a microfibre cloth, then use this to clean the switch and switch plate. Rub with a clean, soft cloth or a fine microfibre cloth for a satisfying shine.

Concentrate on shared devices

Appliances or gadgets that are employed by the whole family, like the house phone, remote controls, computer keyboards, and games console controllers, can also be microbe-magnets. In order to clean them, firstly remove the dust with a soft cloth, then use a microfibre cloth spray lightly with water to wipe off stain, followed by a clean cloth spritzed with a disinfectant solution to remove germs and viruses. A cotton bud is often handy to wash the tiny areas between buttons.

Clean cleaning cloths thoroughly

When it involves hygienic cleaning, a ‘one cloth fits all’ approach is not advisable. If you use different cloths and sponges to clean, switching to a clean one once you finish cleaning one surface and before you start cleaning different surface it will help stop the spread of bacteria and viruses

If you employ microfibre cleaning cloths, manufacturers like e-Cloth say that rinsing them regularly and thoroughly under warm, running water while you clean is enough to urge obviate most of the bacteria which will have built up within the cloth. In theory, this could mean you'll keep it up using an equivalent cloth for extended before switching to a clean one. We wouldn’t recommend using an equivalent cloth in several rooms, though, and e-Cloth doesn’t make any claims about how effective its cloths are at tackling viruses.

Published on: 05th August 2020