How to Treat Fever during Pregnancy?

How to Treat Fever during Pregnancy? Banner
How to Treat Fever during Pregnancy? Banner
How to Treat Fever during Pregnancy? Banner

A fever outbreak is common place during pregnancy. The body undergoes rapid hormonal changes and is prone to infections. Fever is a defense mechanism to counter such anomalies.

A fever during pregnancy is treatable with some simple yet effective tips. Let’s discuss a few.

Take a shower:

Taking a shower is a proven remedy for fever. The excessive heat is consumed to evaporate the water off your skin, and hence, the body temperature drops drastically. However, ensure the water is lukewarm, not cold. The cold water can add to your body temperature.

The cool pad therapy:

The cool pad therapy works just fine even during pregnancy. It’s simple to follow as well. Just immerse a washcloth in cold water, wring it out and place it over your forehead. The pad will draw out the extra heat and normalize the body temperature.

Dress light:

When you run a high fever, the way you dress makes a world of difference to your body temperature. If you overdress, the heat is trapped within multiple layers of clothes. On the contrary, dressing light allows the heat to escape through. It makes perfect sense to wear a single layer of clothes. The fabric should be breathable, such as linen, polyester, and cotton. Avoid covering yourself with thick blankets when lying down. Use a thin sheet, instead.

Stay hydrated:

A fever drains the moisture and electrolytes from your body through sweating. The body also consistently uses fluids to produce mucus. That leaves you dehydrated and exposed to diarrhea, vomiting, and other conditions that can harm you and your fetus.

Undeniably, staying hydrated is imperative for any expecting women running a high fever. The water intake will replenish the lost water and bring down the body temperature. Plus, consider drinking orange juice, lemon juice, vegetable soups, and electrolyte drinks to make up for the fluid loss.

Rest, rest, and rest:

Taking ample rest is highly recommended for a quick recovery. There’re two reasons for it. One, any activity can stimulate body processes and increase body temperature. Two, fever is often a result of the body’s resistance to infections. Rest allows the immune system to recover.

See the doctor:

If fever persists longer than normal, both, mother and fetus are in danger. The chances of a miscarriage run high. So, it’s advisable to see your doctor. Note that, fever is the front of several underlying conditions like flu, food poisoning, UTI, and more.

The doctor will diagnose the root cause of fever, and treat both, the underlying condition and the symptoms.

Published on: 13th December 2019


1. Fatigue
2. Nausea
3. Headaches
4. Pain in the joints
5. Blurry vision

1. Take a shower
2. Cool Pad Therapy
3. Dress Light
4. Stay Hydrated
5. Take Rest