How to say goodbye to the feeding bottles without dropping a tear

How to say goodbye to the feeding bottles without dropping a tear Banner
How to say goodbye to the feeding bottles without dropping a tear Banner

As we know that babies become super comfortable feeding bottles after a certain time but continuing with it can invite many problems for our toddlers like giving rise to tooth decay, constantly sucking milk from the bottle leads to the formation of cavities in the baby teeth. If left untreated these cavities lead to tooth decay.

A problem such as Iron deficiency or Anemia can also occur as excess consumption of milk leads to blocking the absorption of milk, when a baby overuses the bottle, overconsumption of milk is very natural which causes the above phenomenon.

There are certain ways to successfully get rid of this habit by following some simple ways:-

Alternative sipping cups

To get rid of feeding bottles, an alternative is much needed, and sipping cups here helps in making a good alternative.

1. Diluting the bottle milk

We all know that it is really difficult changing old habits, but this age-old trick works, as all, we need to do is gradually keep diluting the bottle milk and simultaneously developing a habit of sipping from a cup containing more concentrated milk, it helps the baby grow a likeness towards the cup helping the shift easier.

2. Reducing feeding frequency

In the transition, the feeding frequency should be reduced gradually, as an abrupt withdrawal may affect your baby leading to him/her revolving and refusing to have their meals.

3. Making the sipping cups look interesting

Babies often get wowed looking at appealing kinds of stuff, which can be used as a trick to make their cups look interesting and attractive by decorating it with bright and shiny colors.

4. Parents exhibiting the right eating manner

Babies often imitate their parents and want to be like them. In this scenario, parents can show the right eating manner expecting their baby to follow, as it can be seen that babies sometimes develop wrong eating habits during parent's ignorance.

5. Putting the foot down

Not all the babies are easy to handle, sometimes parents need to go strict on their little ones. They need to show direct signs for the child to understand the dos and don'ts.

6. Offering them alternatives

It is important to give your little one alternatives apart from your listed food as your child may not always want to have the same kind of food, have a bottle of juice handy whenever they demand the feeding bottle.

7. Offer them reward

It is important to show appreciation and praise for the progress that your child makes. Just being a strict disciplinarian can have negative effects, hence it is important to reward your child every time they manage to abstain from the feeding bottle. Offer them treats, their favorite food, or allow them to do their favorite activity.

Published on: 24th June 2020