How to make your own baby clothes

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Finding the right clothes for their child is a major concern for all new parents. Since infants grow at a rapid pace, consistently buying new clothes after every few week can put a strain on your finances. Instead of spending so much money on baby clothes (which are extremely expensive these days), why not just make them at home? ?Making clothes for your baby can be a fun and cost-effective idea. Along with saving money, you can give wings to the designer in you and come up with creative clothing ideas for your child, the possibilities for which are truly limitless.

Making baby clothes on your own has a myriad of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Economical benefit - Keeping up with a baby's growth is definitely not an easy task. Before you know it, they need new clothes. Sewing their clothes on your own is a better idea than actually buying them. There are a lot of varities: onesies, sundresses, jumpers, pants and whatnot. Also, you can choose the pattern, style and fabric. All you have to do is invest in a sewing machine and learn the basics. To begin with, start with common fabrics and simple patterns. One you get the hang of it, the process becomes fast and enjoyable

2. Sentimental benefit - There is no doubt that making clothes for their child makes every parent feel fuzzy and warm on the inside. This process is very personal and satiates the want to do something thoughtful for your baby. DIY baby clothes also make wonderful gifts.

3. Environmental benefit - You can do your part to conserve nature's sanctity by creating baby clothes. This is an excellent way to reuse old clothes. For instance, you can use an old tee shirt to make a pair of pants for your toddler. There are a plethora of green ideas that you can use to make clothes for your child. Creativity has no bounds.

You can come up with plenty of unique and quirky ideas for your child's clothing. We have created a list of DIY ideas to get you started:

1. Baby leggings - Choose a pattern and get it printed on the knit fabric. To get an idea of how much seam area is required, use any suitable and available pair of leggings as the reference. Sew the leg part first and then work on the waistband

2. DIY Skirt - Making a girl's skirt is super easy and you can pair it with tees, shirts and leggings.Just collect fabric according to the size, scissors,trim, an elastic, and a sewing machine and get started

3. Onesie - Onesies are comfortable and look incredibly cute on children. A major plus point of onesies is that they are easier to change. Also, you can create them in a variety of patterns. To illustrate, an onesie with ruffled sleeves will look adorable on your child. You can make the sleeves and the dress with the same fabric or create a contrast. Either way, it'll look fabulous!

4. DIY Bib - Small bibs are practically useless. A bigger bib will protect your kid's clothing while they eat. To make your DIY bib look good, use different fabrics for the front and back and make sure to add a velcro. Aside from the fabric and velcro, you just need thread, pins, scissors, a snap fastener tool, mat, and a sewing machine. Furthermore, for making baby clothes, some planning and preparation is required. Before sewing, you need to get the proper measurements. Baby clothes should always be snug, never loose. Also, choose the fabric wisely. Consider the season that you are sewing the clothes for and also keep in mind if your child has any allergy. Fabrics used for baby must be soft and breathable.

To conclude, it is important to remember that practice is the key to every success. At the outset, you might not be able to create the clothes of your dreams but eventually, with time and practice, you'll become proficient in sewing your own baby clothes.

Published on: 06th April 2021