How to handle a Fussy Eater?

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How to handle a Fussy Eater? Banner
How to handle a Fussy Eater? Banner

Most of the Child goes to this age when they create a fuss while eating. Mealtimes become a nightmare for you when your babies or toddlers through tantrum and frustration. However, most babies grow out of this stage and normally eating is eventually stored!


  • Share a meal together and make mealtimes relaxed, happy occasions.
  • Try to include atleast one of your child’s favorite meal in each meal and continue to provide a balanced meal, whether they like it or not.
  • Appreciate your toddler when they finish their meal or try a new food.
  • Add colours to child’s meals not only in food but also in cutleries. Use colorful plates, spoons, etc.
  • Take your child to grocery shopping and let them decide which fruit or vegetable they would like to add in their meal.
  • Give a mixture of white and wholegrain breads — too much wholegrain foods are too filling for your toddler.
  • Remove uneaten food without comment.


  • Never force feed your toddlers as they will eat according to your appetite.
  • Offer foods high in sugars such as sweets and sugary drinks.
  • When your kid is eating. Avoid distraction like watching TV, using mobile etc.
  • Never scold your child if your child refuses to eat.
  • Avoid giving tea or coffee to your child as these will reduce the amount of iron they absorb from food.
  • It is suggested that not to reward your children with sweets as this will make these foods even more desirable.

Follow through with Consequences When Necessary

However, it is true that you should say no to your child for the betterment of him, but it doesn’t mean that you should overlook his emotions. Thus, you need to follow through the consequences when you make a decision. Since younger children usually think emotionally, you aren’t supposed to leave them alone.

Deal with Your Emotions in a Healthy Way

There could be situations when you never wanted to say no to your child, but still you have to say no to your child. In such a situation, you need to get rid of emotions. Yes, you should learn how to deal with your own emotions in a healthy way. You aren’t supposed to be an emotional fool when it comes to making your child a good citizen of the nation.

Make Sure You Are Saying Yes Often

You are authorized to say no to your children only if you are habitual of saying yes often. If you try to say no every time to your kid, you are going to make a wrong decision. So, make sure you often say yes to your kid when it comes to saying no to him.

Published on: 24th October 2019


Yes, very much. Toddlers have very little patience in managing their mood emotions, so he's very easily swept away by strong feelings.

Get to know your toddler. Keep a 'tantrum diary' and work out the situations and times of day most likely to provoke a crank attack.

Ignoring is good when your child is crying or whining when nothing is physically wrong. This misbehavior is done usually to get attention.  If parents, friends or family consistently ignore these behaviors, they will eventually stop.