How to celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

How to celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine  Banner
How to celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine  Banner

Mother's day seems a little different this year! But every mom needs the special day to celebrate more than ever. Try not to let the lockdown hinder your ability to shine and make 2020 mother's day special.

So in honor of all the lovely moms, we've mentioned few ways to celebrate this Mother’s Day in quarantine-style:

Make a slideshow

If you're not locked with your mother in this lockdown, don’t worry. Pick old photographs of yourself, or maybe ones from before the Coronavirus pandemic of you and your mother. Set up them in a slideshow. Play it to your mother as a way of saying, we're here – and soon we'll meet once more. Particularly applicable in the event that you have children and Grandma hasn't seen them in a long time. Use their picture, she will surely feel special.

Send Your Mom an Online Greeting Card

Your mom gave you the endowment of life, the least you can do is send her a pleasant online Mother's Day card. There are many cards available online. Choose one, keeping her taste in mind. Tweak it with your own photographs, music, and individual panache. And that's it, wait for your excited mother to call you as soon as she receives your card.

Breakfast in bed

If the chances are that your mom is living with you, breakfast in bed is a classic gift to give. Something straightforward is fine for this, for example, toast or a croissant with jam or fruits, with a mug of espresso or tea. Also, if she's not the breakfast in bed person, go for a sit-down breakfast.

Watch a film or show together, next to each other

In case you're all at home in one spot, have a film night together, set the space as if you are in a theater. If you're in isolated areas, watch a similar film on your PCs or laptop simultaneously. Or on the other hand, start a long-distance showdown of a TV series, preferred by both of you while enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Get Artistic

What about an extraordinary show-stopper for Mom? For instance, paint the outside of an earthenware vase and fill it with garden seeds and a card. Or you can make an excellent photograph outline with your family photograph inside. You can discover numerous thoughts on Pinterest and somewhere else on the Web.

If you have kids, record a video of them. They can each say "Happy Mother's Day" and why they value her. You can make that with simple iMovie or on any online available free software that joins videos and photos together into a clip.

Take a virtual trip through an exhibition hall or a park together!

Regardless of whether you're not together, the miracles of the internet make so many possibilities today! An ever-increasing number of exhibition halls are opening up their "walls" to offer virtual visits during this time!

Set up a Mother's Day date for you and your mother to visit the Louver in Paris! Or on the other hand what about the Vatican in Rome? Or maybe the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City!

Published on: 09th May 2020