How to Boost your Toddler’s Immunity

How to Boost your Toddler’s Immunity Banner
How to Boost your Toddler’s Immunity Banner
How to Boost your Toddler’s Immunity Banner

Let’s face it. Toddlers are prone to infections and diseases perhaps more than adults. Their natural defense mechanism is not fully developed as yet, that’s why.

However, there’re natural ways to boost the immunity of a toddler, some discussed below.

Feed them right:

Immunity is linked to the food we eat. Some foods boost immunity while others destroy. It makes sense to be practical with your tiny tot’s diet, or else, he’ll feel sick more frequently.

  • Vitamins:

    Different vitamins build immunity in different ways. For example, Vitamin A helps generate antibody responses and aids immune function. Your Vitamin A food options include cheese, eggs, carrots, spinach, yogurt, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. Likewise, Vitamin D protects against infects and allergies by fortifying the immunity. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D but it can be derived from certain fishes, eggs, and cereals. Found in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and broccoli, Vitamin C helps generate WBCs to fend-off infections.

  • Iron:

    Our body needs iron to make hemoglobin, which is required for supplying oxygen throughout the body. Note that, toddlers iron requirements exceed those of adults by 5 times. So, 

  • Zinc:

    Zinc helps create new cells and enzymes that build your young one’s immune system. It’s vital for wound repair as well. Feed cereals, milk, cheese and bread to meet his Zinc requirements.

Exercise is essential:

There are several theories how regular workout can rev up the body’s defenses. Exercise may clear the lungs and airways of bacteria, keeping cold and flu at bay. When you exert physically, the WBCs and antibodies become more receptive towards invasion of bacteria and viruses.

Plus, as the body temperature rises temporarily during a workout session, the bacterial growth takes a hit. Whatever the reason is, but exercise is a natural immunity booster for you and your tiny tot. So, encourage your bundle of joy to participate in family workout sessions, or at least, make him indulge in physical activities like jogging, swimming and cycling.

Make them sleep well:

Your body is prone to illnesses in lack of sleep. Sleep provides the body time to repair tissue damage, and produce white blood cells that fight foreign bodies, including disease-causing germs. The logic applies to your toddler as well. An infant needs to sleep least 16 to 18 hours daily, while the same for toddlers is 12 to 14 hours daily. So, encourage your young one to take a nap, preferably in the afternoon. Or at least, make him go to bed early, around 9 pm.

Inculcate the right habits:

The habits one develops in his toddlerhood are hard to get rid of throughout life. Make sure your child develops the right habits that keep him healthy and disease-free for the rest of his life. Incentivize him to maintain personal hygiene. Ensure he washes hands prior to meals and after using the bathroom, brushes his teeth twice daily, and take shower. Equip him with disposable wipes and sanitizers when he’s in daycare for quick cleanups.

Published on: 25th February 2020


Immunity boosting foods that you should include in your kid’s diet are Turmeric, Vitamin C, dry fruits and seeds, Mushrooms & Dairy Products. A balanced and nutrition-rich food keeps your child’s immunity strong.

1. Autoimmune disorders

2. Digestive disorders

3. Inflammation of the internal organs

4. Growth and developmental delays in infants and children

1. Serve green leafy vegetables

2. Boost sleep time