How To Bathe Your Baby?

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Most of the newly born babies do not like taking baths, but before long it will become one of their favorite activities. They'll probably perk up as soon as they hear the water running, and you'll have a hard time persuading them to come out of the tub. There's nothing more adorable than the scent (and sight) of a freshly bathed baby wrapped in a towel.

Ready to rub-a-dub-dub? Use this step-by-step guide on how to bathe your baby safely.

1. Set the scene

In case you’re using a bath seat for your 5- to 10-month-old, check that it’s stable and meets all the safety standards and make sure the bathroom’s warm so your baby feels warm before, during and after the bath.

2. Gather your supplies

You would not want to step away from your baby, not even for a second, so ensure you’ve all the baby care products ready before you start bathing your baby:

  • A mild cleanser and tear-free shampoo
  • A hooded towel to clean and wrap your baby
  • Bath toys
  • Post-bath moisturizer
  • Diapers
  • A clean outfit to wear

3. Ready the water

Let your munchkin hang out in their crib while you fill the tub with some warm water and, few bathing toys. Make sure the water is just right for your baby.

4. Put your baby in the tub

Gently put your baby into the tub with their feet first. Keep that hold firm in order for your baby to feel safe. Accompany your baby in the bath, by placing your baby on their bouncy seat next to the tub, and ease yourself in before reaching out over for your baby.

5. Take it (mostly) from the top

Don’t forget to make sure you bathe your baby in the correct order:

  • Using a soft washcloth or a towel and a little water, start out by cleansing your sweetie’s face, neck and ears scrub gently because it could cause irritation.
  • Work from the top down so the dirtiest diaper area gets cleaned at the end.
  • Use a gentle cleanser only, so that they do not irritate their sensitive skin, only on their hands and diaper area, unless other spots are particularly crusty from today’s lunch or mud-puddle romp.
  • Save their bottom and genitals for last. Though in the big tub, it should be a tear-free shampoo instead as the last step so your sweetie doesn’t soak in the water too long.

6. Post bath

After the bath, moisturize your baby to keep that skin silky smooth, and let them stay for a while without a diaper.

One last thing: Some babies may totally love the tub while others may cry loudly during bath-time. Irrespective of their preference, how you bathe your baby is as essential as how often you do it. Washing your baby does not necessarily have to be a daily event. In fact, too much tub time leads to dry baby skin. So, if your darling gets dirty between baths, just use a warm, wet washcloth to clean them.

Bath time is much more than just bathing your baby, getting them cleaned and freshened up. It’s an amazing time to create memories as well as bond with your baby. Do not forget, you can start bathing your baby as soon as their umbilical cord falls off, thereby creating a lot of memories, or make other memories by giving them a sponge bath.

For a newborn, three baths every week is sufficient. Always remember to quickly assemble your baby’s bath supplies before bathing them, and keep our tips in mind. Now that you know how to bathe a newborn, you’ve got one less baby task to worry about! Gather your baby’s bath time products and you’ll be a baby-bathing pro before you know it!

Published on: 25th August 2021