Home Remedies to cure your baby’s cough and cold

Home Remedies to cure your baby’s cough and cold Banner
Home Remedies to cure your baby’s cough and cold Banner
Home Remedies to cure your baby’s cough and cold Banner

The flu season is around the corner and with it brings the risk of children catching cough and cold. Sadly, there is no one-stop solution to treat common cough and cold – no antibiotics, syrups, and pills can put an end to it. However, there are several remedies that offer relief to children when they are sneezing and coughing all day.

As a parent, it is very miserable to see the little ones struggling and it is better to provide them remedies that are natural and homely instead of giving them antibiotics that may trigger allergies in your children thus, compounding the problems. In this blog, you will know about some easy home remedies that might help in treating problems like coughing, runny nose, sore throat, blocked nasal cavity, fever, and restlessness among kids. These remedies are completely natural and free from the adulteration of chemicals are listed out below:

1. Breast milk:

Breast milk has antibacterial and antiviral elements. It reduces the baby’s risk of contracting colds and flu, ear and respiratory tract infections, sickness, and diarrhea. Breast milk has antibodies, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which boost the immunity of babies and helps resist the bacteria and germs.

2. Massaging of mustard oil infused with garlic and ajwain:

Mustard, garlic, and ajwain have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Take 1/4th cup of mustard seeds and add crushed garlic and ajwain to it before heating the mixture until it turns brown. Massaging of this oil on the baby’s chest relieves congestion. According to Dr. Sameer Awaidhya of the Hinduja Hospital group, mustard oil helps to warm the body of children and thus dilutes the mucous formation in the body.

3. Carrot juice:

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and help in boosting the immune system. Fresh carrots juice diluted with room temperature water can be given to babies aged 6 months above. According to the Korean Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, carrots contain folic acid and Vitamin C which boosts immunity.

4. Lemon water mixed with Honey:

Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C and honey is touted by experts to contain enzymes that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. In a glass of hot water squeeze some drops of lemon juice and add a little honey and give it to your child to provide them relief. According to Dr. James M Steckleberg, M.D., Division of Infectious Diseases Mayo Medical School, opines that honey has dextromethorphan, a natural anti-suppressant of cough.

5. Gargling with hot water and salt:

An excellent home remedy that is very effective in providing relief from cold as it breaks down the mucus and reduces the swelling in the throat. Just heat some water and add some salt to it and make your child gargle a few times during the day.

6. Inhaling hot vapor from steaming water:

Another home remedy which requires no ingredient other than hot water and a piece of cloth to cover the head and face. Heat water in a vessel to around its boiling point and then make your child inhale the vapor, cover the child’s head to ensure that the hot water doesn’t start cooling and the vapor does not escape. Inhaling of hot water vapor breaks down the line of mucus and provides relief for a blocked nose.

7. Raising your child’s head while they are sleeping:

When your baby sleeps his/her body is repairing itself internally and a night of the uninterrupted night of sleep goes a long way to ensure that. Take a towel, fold it into two or three layers and place it below your child’s pillow to elevate their head ensuring that the mucous does not go back into your child’s system.

8. Rubbing of turmeric paste onto the child’s body:

Turmeric or Haldi has healing properties espoused by our elders and is effective against the common cold. Make a turmeric paste using warm water and apply the paste to the chest, soles, and forehead of your child. This produces heat which helps in diluting the mucous and allows it to ooze out faster. Researchers at George Mason University have found that turmeric shows promise in combating certain viruses as curcumin strongly down-regulates the levels of extracellular infectious viruses

9. Khichdi and soups:

A serving of hot khichdi or soup goes a long way in providing relief against the blocked nose, chest congestion, and fever. It is comforting and babies also enjoy the taste.

10. Sponge bath:

Giving your child a sponge bath in lukewarm water can soothe a feverish baby and help in reducing body temperature. The heat generated due to bath will help in the dilation of internal mucous accumulation and also can make your baby feel energetic after a fever.

Published on: 09th May 2020