Home Remedies to Cure Runny Nose in Babies & Kids

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Home Remedies to Cure Runny Nose in Babies & Kids Banner

Rarely any sights are more worrisome than seeing your little one with a runny nose. Babies are not like us grown-ups who can opt for medication for common cold and flu, you can't do the same for children and babies. Drugs that are useful for grown-ups can have side effects on babies, particularly younger than 2 years.

Why Does My Toddler catch Cold Often?

You might have wondered what makes your little one get cold so frequently, the straightforward answer is that they’re relatively weak and have an immature immune system. Add to that, babies are generally inquisitive, all things considered, and they continue contacting and investigating all that they come across. This additionally implies they are vulnerable to get cold infections from numerous things, and when they rub their nose or place their fingers in mouth, the virus’ job is half-done.

How would I treat the infant's runny nose?

Thinking about how to comfort and care for an infant with a runny nose? There are various approaches to treat this common problem at home, utilizing things you presumably have in your home.

  • Camphor and Coconut Oil Massage: Mix camphor oil and coconut oil and warm them. You may apply this everywhere on your kid's body during the night. It won't just help the child sleep peacefully but also help clear the chest blockage which assuages a child of cold and running nose.
  • Jaifal and Milk: Take a pinch of jaifal and heat it in a spoonful of milk. Let it come to room temperature. Offer this to your youngster. It will give him them quick relief as the concoction will warm the nasal and throat cavity which help stop the runny nose.
  • Steam: Nothing works best on cold, and running nose than steam. Heat water in a vessel close to boiling point and then make your child inhale the vapour coming out. Put a towel over your child when they are inhaling the vapour coming from the vessel as it would prevent the vapour from dissipating into the air quickly. The warmth provided clears blockage, runny nose and even helps children with fever.
  • Mustard Oil Massage: Heat some mustard oil with ajwain, garlic, and hing. Let it cool a little preferably to room temperature, at that point rub your youngster's back and chest with this oil two times per day. You will see the change almost
  • Ginger and Honey: Ginger and honey mix are what our grandmothers used to give us when we had a cold and flu. So this is another viable cure that does something amazing. Mesh some ginger to extract its juice. Blend it in with honey. Offer this to your kid three times every day and you will see the results almost immediately.

Published on: 23rd October 2020