Goddess Durga stands for strength and is known by many names. If you want to name your baby girl after the Goddess, then here are a few names to consider

Goddess Durga stands for strength and is known by many names. If you want to name your baby girl after the Goddess, then here are a few names to consider Banner

Goddess Durga is the most powerful, mystical, and pure source of energy on the planet. She is the purifier's powerhouse and the destroyer of evil. She is all-knowing and one of Hinduism's most powerful goddesses. Goddess Durga, the essence of feminism, inspires hope and faith in her devotees. Hindu devotees prefer Goddess Durga names for their daughters because they are inspired by the Devi's attractive demeanor. The names evoke feminine power and convey the same tenderness and affection that the goddess bestows on her devotees.

We've compiled a list of her names for you. Allow yourself to get swept away by the force!

Unique Goddess Durga Names For Baby Girl, With Meanings

1. Aadya

The goddess Durga is described in Hindu mythology as "the power from which the entire cosmos has emanated." As a result, she goes by the name Aadya, which means "first or primaeval."

2. Anika

Durga exudes boldness. Isn't that a quality you want to instill in your daughter? Anika is a female name that means 'graceful, brightness, or sweet-faced.' It also alludes to Durga, the Hindu goddess.

3. Aparna

There are numerous stories that describe goddess Durga's tenacity and perseverance. One such narrative is about Goddess Parvati, who dedicated herself to the most intense meditation in order to satisfy Lord Shiva. She went on an indefinite fast, refusing to eat even a single leaf, earning her the name Aparna, which means "the girl who refuses to eat even a leaf."

4. Bhavya

If you want a fashionable name that also happens to be a Goddess Durga name, go with Bhavya. It also has a fascinating connotation that is ideal for your child. Bhavya is a Sanskrit word that signifies "great," "large," or "beautiful."

5. Dhriti

This name is Sanskrit in origin and means 'joyful,' 'courageous.' It's another name for Goddess Durga, who is famed for giving her worshippers bravery and joy.

6. Gayatri

Gayatri is a name that can be used in a variety of situations. It also means "mother of the Vedas" and "song of deliverance," in addition to alluding to Goddess Durga.

7. Gauri

Gauri is Goddess Durga's feminine counterpart. 'Fair' is another meaning of the name.

8. Gautami

Gautami is a Sanskrit name that means "one who enlightens" or "one who removes darkness." If your daughter has a grin that can lift your spirits, give her the name Gautami.

9. Isha

Isha means "Durga," which means "feminine energy" or "protector." It's a name that also exists in Hebrew culture, albeit it has a distinct meaning.

10. Ishi

Ishi is a sweet little name that embodies the beauty of simplicity. However, the name's meaning is everything from straightforward! Durga is the Hindu goddess. Who said good names had to be difficult to pronounce?

11. Jyotsna

This Sanskrit term literally means "moonlight." Goddess Durga is also known by this name. Choose Jyotsna if you're seeking a modern Goddess Durga name.

12. Meenakshi

Meenakshi translates to "one with wonderful fish-like eyes." She is the Madurai goddess and is thought to be an avatar of Goddess Parvati. Give your child this name if her eyes are as gorgeous as the Goddess Meenakshi's.

13. Manasvini

Manasvini is a Sanskrit word that means "one who resides in everyone's mind." It is also one of Goddess Durga's numerous titles, as she is always present in the minds of her worshippers. Give this magnificent and lovely name to your sweet girl.

14. Nandini

This is the name of one of Goddess Durga's avatars. This name has the meaning of 'daughter.' Goddess Durga was born in the shape of Nandini to Yahsoda and was murdered by King Kamsa, according to legend.

15. Nitya

This Sanskrit term means "always" or "forever," and it's a fitting name for Goddess Durga, who is both powerful and eternal. Give your child this name if you want to be reminded of the goddess every time you see her.

16. Niyati

Niyati is a Sanskrit word that means 'luck,' 'fate,' 'fortune,' or 'supreme power.' This is another name for Goddess Durga, who is revered as the universe's highest force. Give your daughter this endearing but commanding name.

17. Prasanna

This is a Sanskrit word that signifies "joyous," "pleased," or "content." Goddess Durga is also known for having a divine and happy visage, and she lavishes delight on her devotees.

18. Revati

It is traditional in Hinduism to name daughters after gods who represent wealth and success. As a result, many Indian Goddess names are linked to riches. Revati is the name of one such Goddess Durga.

19. Rima

Are you seeking for a name that has a broad appeal while yet having a strong Indian connotation? Rima is a good option. Apart from Sanskrit, it contains Persian and Arabic roots. It alludes to Durga, the goddess of power. It can also refer to a white antelope.

20. Rudrani

Goddess Durga is also known as Rudrani since she is the consort of Lord Shiva, who is also known as Rudra. If you want to give your infant daughter a classy and traditional name, go with Rudrani.

21. Sadhana

This name has the meaning of 'extended practice' or 'completion.' It is one of Goddess Durga's many names. If you're seeking a trendy name, this is the one to go for.

22. Sadhika

Sadhika is one of Goddess Durga's many names, which means "achievement." If you want your child to obtain Maa Durga's heavenly blessings and achieve great things in life, give her the name Sadhika.

23. Sailaja

This name is derived from the Sanskrit words 'shaila' and 'ja,' which mean 'mountain' and 'birth,' respectively. Parvati, the daughter of the mountain monarch, is the name given to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is also known as Sailaja.

24. Sarita

The name Sarita is particularly popular among Hindu families. Did you realise, however, that it refers to Goddess Durga? The name also has the meaning of 'river.' It's a one-of-a-kind name that's also mentioned in Spanish and Hebrew civilizations.

25. Sarvani

Durga isn't your ordinary goddess! She is the universe's feminine aspect! She is Shiva's Yin to his Yang! Sarvani, which means "universal or full," embodies this facet of the deity.

26. Saumya

This Sanskrit word has the meanings of "mild," "beautiful," "auspicious," and "agreeable." Goddess Durga is also known by this name. If your daughter has a nice face, this name would be ideal.

27. Shakti

Goddess Durga is a warrior goddess who is known for slaying demons. Each of her eight to eighteen hands is reported to be adorned with a weapon. Shakti, which signifies energy, ability, strength, and power, is another name for her.

28. Shambhavi

Durga in her Parvati avatar is referred to as Shambhavi, or the wife of Shambhu (Shiva). The name is also a reference to a river in Karnataka.

29. Sharanya

This Sanskrit name means "the heavenly guardian" or "she who gives sanctuary." Goddess Durga is called by this name because she is known to manifest herself in a variety of forms and incarnations in order to safeguard humanity.

30. Shivani

Goddess Durga is also known as Shivani since she is Shiva's spouse. If you're looking for a sweet and charming name for your little girl, Shivani is a great choice.

31. Shivapriya

Shivapriya is a Hindu goddess meaning "loved by Shiva." Goddess Durga is also called by this title because she is Lord Shiva's spouse.

32. Shuddhi

Goddess Durga is also known by this name, which means "embodiment of purity and holiness." Goddess Durga is called by this name because she is the personification of purity. Give your daughter this name if you believe she is the Goddess Durga for you.

33. Shyla

Parvati used to dwell in the mountains because she was the daughter of a Himalayan ruler. She continued to live on Mount Kailash even after she married Lord Shiva. As a result, she is referred to as Shyla, which means "mountain dweller."

34. Stuti

In India, the name Stuti is well-known. It literally means 'praise.' It's also how Goddess Durga is referred to.

35. Tanvi

Durga is both gorgeous and strong, which is exactly what you want your daughter to be! Goddess Durga is also known as Tanvi, which means "beautiful."

36. Tanishi

This is another name for Goddess Durga, and it means "fairy queen" or "serpent lady." One of the goddess Durga's many avatars is Kali, who wears a garland of snakes.

37. Tapasvini

Goddess Durga (in the form of Parvati) is known as Tapasvini, which means "one who is engaged in penance," because she performed the ultimate penance to win over Lord Shiva.

38. Toshani

Looking for a one-of-a-kind name with no obvious religious connotations? Toshani will assist you. It is a reference to Goddess Durga in all of her forms.

39. Vaishnavi

Vaishnavi is a Sanskrit word that means "invincible." Goddess Durga is the universe's ultimate power and has slain powerful demons. As a result, she is dubbed "invincible."

40. Vamika

When Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma named their daughter Vamika, the name gained popularity. This name signifies "the one who makes up Lord Shiva's left half."

41. Vidya

Goddess Durga is also considered as the world's wellspring of all wisdom and knowledge. The word 'vid,' which means 'to reason upon,' 'knower,' 'finder,' and 'acquirer,' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'vid.'

Durga is a goddess who represents female strength. She embodies the divine feminine in all of its purity and strength. All of the Durga baby names listed here may have the same meaning, although they differ slightly. Some are fairly classic, while others are a little more unique. The name you choose for your child is entirely up to you! So, based on your knowledge and faith, choose one that completely embodies Durga.

Published on: 07th October 2021