Get your child involved in the festivities with these 5 Entertaining Navratri activities

Get your child involved in the festivities with these 5 Entertaining Navratri activities Banner

A Hindu celebration of dance and worship is called Navratri. It is translated as nine nights in Sanskrit. Nav stands for nine and Ratri stands for the night. A lot of fun activities can be organized for kids to make them have a good time. An enjoyable time during the festive season is craved by all kids.

Let us delve into a few Navratri activities:

1) Navratri Puzzle Game: One of the grand Navratri activities for making your celebrations grand can definitely be some cool puzzle themed activities for the beautiful festival. The Navratri trivia crossword can be quite fun. It shall help in enhancing the general knowledge of the kids regarding Navratri. It will help all the kids in learning more about their traditions and the younger generation shall get more attached to their roots. Many important events related to Ramayana can be added as well as general trivia regarding Ram and his life. How about creating puzzles around Diwali and Dussehra celebrations as well? A fun activity which all kids shall surely enjoy.

2) Navratri Dandiya Stick Decoration activity: Many of the kids are extremely fond of garba and ras, so you can engage them in decorating their own dandiya sticks activity. They can doll up or decorate their own Dandiya sticks. To enjoy this activity, you need a pair of newspaper dandiya sticks, little bells or a tassel of beads, multi-colored satin ribbons, a few sparkling stones as well as glue. Dandiya is an instrumental part of the Navratri celebrations. It is a pristine dance form of India which is celebrated as an ode to God during the 9 days of Navratri. Everyone gets together in Puja pandals and performs Dandiya in various formations. You can dress up in lehenga cholis or the traditional garba attire and rock “Dandiya Night” with your personalized sticks.

3) Navratri Gift Activity: Navratri does not only involve song and dance but exchanging gifts and presents among everyone is also quite a popular tradition. However, when it comes to gift-making activities for kids - we have quite a few ideas to help them have fun as well as come up with some quirky, creative presents for their best friends for a festive celebration. This includes mild crackers, chocolates wrapped in colorful wrapping paper and glittery packages as well as garments and apparels with a hint of traditional.

4) Make your own Ravana: Ravana might be an evil incarnation in Ramayana but he is an important character anyways. Kids can create a Ravana mask by sketching Ravana with its ten heads on a white construction paper by applying paint on it. Also, you can construct the same with a toilet roll or with the help of paper cups. A big moustache as well as eyebrows can be created with black felt paper. The golden crown is made from golden craft paper, poster paints as well as glue. This is one such activity which can be easily accomplished with paints, cardboard as well as old newspapers.

5) Mysore bedecked elephant wall activity: It is an amazing tradition in Mysore where they take out huge processions with amazingly decorated elephants. How about decorating this beauty on your wall? All you will require is a cardboard, felt pens in red, green, blue, yellow, some wool or string, mirrors as well as golden ribbons. Cut and stick the felt papers, decorate it nicely with ribbons as well as mirror or stones. You can finally punch a hole at the head of the elephant. Lastly, simply tie a thread and hang it on the wall.

Published on: 05th October 2021