Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler

Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler Banner
Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler Banner
Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler Banner
Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler Banner
Genius ways to moderate screen time for your toddler Banner

With the advancement in technologies and science being a dominant field to support technological growth in this era, even toddler growth is predominantly technology biased. To win the test of time and to preserve the test of patience, all parents do these days is handed them over to some exciting screen activities.

How the engagement affects or might affect your toddlers?

Such activities might include phone screen engagement, laptop internet screen shows, or television engagement. While these can help put your toddler in place and calm throughout, and help them being engaged for a time period so that you are free to work in that period, these can impose severe harm in the long time run if not given an eye upon. Following are the jotted down point notes how your toddler can be affected in the long period of time:

1. Blue ray exposure - This can create a long term severe eye and even nerve damage if their tender days are exposed excessively to the blue rays. Blue ray exposure damage can be most seen if you expose your toddler to a long term screen session.

2. Long term brain cell damage - When exposed to longer period of time, brain cells do not develop properly, rather they result in long term damaged brain cells says study statistics.

3. Nervous breakdown - In some cases, screen timing if not managed can result to serious nervous breakdown and neurological issues, which might amplify to such an extent that it needs serious medical help for long period to get better with time.

Following are some genius ways to moderate screen timings for your toddlerto avoid the problems:

1. Prevent before its addictive - Do not let your toddler get addicted to the screen exposure. The best way to do it is, to not allow overtime screen sessions to your toddler. Take a strict responsibility and let addiction not seep in the way.

2. Limit screen hours - Specify and dedicate a particular screen hour to your toddler and make sure to not extent or allow irregularity of this schedule no matter what.

3. Expose your child to physical activities -Physical exercising sessions, or even play sessions which involve brain activities like play dough sessions, puzzles, and building blocks could be a great source of alternative to engage your child in a better way.

4. Interactive sessions - Encourage your child to make friends with people in real life, engage him in interactive sessions with kids from his age group and let him have his hours of play instead of virtual sessions on screen.

5. Activity sessions - Activities like coloring or picture speaking and dancing and singing to audio rhymes help your child be engaged in a fun and active manner. This will not need any screen exposure and would help your child be developed in a better manner thereby.

6. Follow a schedule - It is said, a routine activity better enhances anybody’s growth, and, when in a proper schedule, your child would get adequate amount of sleep timings. This would keep him active the next day to be more engaged in active play sessions rather than lazy screen sessions.

Published on: 25th March 2021