Effective ways to handle a hyperactive Kid

Effective ways to handle a hyperactive Kid Banner
Effective ways to handle a hyperactive Kid Banner

Every child is special and unique in their own way. Some like to be calm while the other could be very enthusiastic.

For a parent, it is always difficult to manage hyperactive kids. Instability and ineffectiveness make it difficult for a child to balance their focus and follow the instructions. For example, running from one activity to another, unable to sit in one place or failing in maintaining the decorum, etc. Hearing word hyperactive may sometimes frighten parents. Before finding ways to handel a hyperactive kid; as a parent, you need to understand what hyperactive kids are in real.

Hyperactivity is not a disorder; it’s just certain tendencies in some kids of lack in maintaining focus. Such kids are overenthusiastic, impulsive, and bouncing with energy all the time.

As a parent, it may be worrisome and some people also tend towards unnecessary medication. Hyperactivity is completely treatable with some practices like- calming, following a daily routine, change in diet, etc. All these things just require some patience and attention. Mommunity brings out simple and effective ways to handle a hyperactive kid.

1. Keep your kid's environment calm

Provide your kid a special room where he can sit in by himself. The environment of such a room should be relaxing and must not promote violence or negativity. The place must be occupied with soft toys, bright colors, and pictures quoting or displaying optimism.

2. Play calm music

Choose to play music which is soothing and meditative. It helps in calming the behavior of kids. A certain genre like hard rock, upbeat pop may trigger the hyperactivity in kids.

3. Develop routines

Every kid is a little enthusiastic about activities and thrives on routine. Setting up a daily routine for your child, help your routine make them disciplined. This will help reduce anxiety and eventually divert their focus for his responsibilities.

4. Speak in a calm and simple manner

As a parent in such a situation, you need to develop a habit to talk with your kid in a calm voice. Though hyperactivity kids do not follow the instructions but parents have to keep patients towards their kids. With this practice, kid realizes their behavior and it also helps to interrupt their hyperactivity.

5. Remove your kid from uncomfortable situations

In any situation where the kid is not comfortable or do not enjoy the company of other people or any event which is happening around which is not enjoyed by him. In such cases don’t push your kid to stay. It can affect kids' psychology and can trigger hyperactivity.

6. Approach them for constrictive games

Certain games like chess, carom board, UNO, etc teach importance of team building. Team building activities help hyperactive kids to focus their energy and intelligence on such game where they can experience and develop teamwork and also ignite the sense of understanding and focus.

7. Do Activities

Encouraging the focus of kids towards their likely sports and combined them with other activities that calm their mind like Yoga, Jogging, etc. It helps hyperactive kids to drain out the aggression and overexcitement from the body. It also helps in diverting kids' focus from hyperactivity.

8. Help them to deal with the situations and their feelings

Kids with hypertension get difficulty in handling their emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc. Help them to understand the world. Teach them the difference between good and bad in the world. This way they can start to make good bonds with parents and develop a sense of belongingness.

9. Change their diet

Prepare home cooked meal for them that contain no artificial colours and preservatives. Eating a clean food is really helpful towards improving mood, lifestyle, and overall physical and mental well-being.

10. Teach breathing practice

The best way to manage our emotions, behavior, and perspectives about the situation can be obtained by controlling the breath. Teach your kid to breathe in and breathe out slowly. It improves focus and helps the mind calm.

Published on: 08th July 2020