Different Father's Day traditions around the world

Different Father's Day traditions around the world Banner
Different Father's Day traditions around the world Banner

Father is only a person who might have sacrificed a lot to ensure you must always win, someone who wants to keep you away from making mistakes but instead let you find your own way. Words won’t describe his love and hardships. Father’s day is an opportunity to recognize your father for their contribution.

Father’s day is celebrated on third Sunday of June in most of the countries. Though in some countries, the day is celebrated on the day of some special historical event. Anyway anywhere in the world this occasion is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and gratitude, though the way of celebration differs as per the culture and traditions. Let’s check out way of Father’s day celebration in various traditions around the world.

1. JAPAN (Third Sunday of June)

In Japan father’s day is called Chichi No Hi. Traditionally Kids present handmade gifts to their dad which ranges sweet origami, frame, and beer glasses. Also some of the popular gifts for Father's Day are alcohol, gourmet foods, fashion items, sporting goods and sweets. Special sea food is the celebratory food for Father’s Day in Japan.

2. MEXICO (Third Sunday of June)

The Mexican people not only honor their fathers on the third Sunday in June every year, but they also look to father-like figures like grandfather, big brother etc. Mexicans give gifts like greeting cards and ties, similarly to people in the United States.

A unique race called “Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan” happens on this day!

It is an annual race that takes place in Mexican city This is an annual race that takes is a bonding opportunity in which fathers and their children can spend a day outside running a road race side by side.

3. NEPAL (Late summer to early monsoon)

In Nepalese language father’s day is called Gokarna Aunsi which means “Cow earned no moonlight”. On this day, Nepali people pay their homage to their father with their favorite food, clothing and other dad’s favorite stuff. There is also a tradition of giving a plateful of sweets, clothes, etc to Brahmin priests as the offering. As it is believed that when the priests accept the offerings (Daan), it reaches the souls of their deceased fathers.

4. BRAZIL (Second Sunday of August)

Father’s day in Brazil is called Dia dos Pais, is all about meet and family celebration. Family and friends gather together to make up the delicious barbeques or churrascos in the house. Children also buy gifts; write letters or cards to thanks their father.

6. FRANCE (Third Sunday of June)

A family picnic or going for the fishing is the best way to celebrate father’s day, which is practiced in South Africa. Children and fathers spend their time in nature to celebrate the day. Similar to most of the tradition in which letter, cards and presents are offered South African children also give such gifts to their father.

7. GERMANY (Sixth Sunday after Easter)

This is the most adorable Jodi and one of our favourite mom and daughter Jodi. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and daughter, Aaradhya Bachchan . Like her mom, this little diva is fashionable and talented.

8. THILAND (December 5)

Father’s day in Thailand is celebrated on the same day as on the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyade who is considered as Father of the nation. Everyone wear yellow color traditional dress and children presents bright Canna flowers their fathers a token of love and respect.

9. Finland (Second Sunday of November)

Father’s day celebration in Finland might be the coziest partying or celebration. It falls in the month of November which is rise of winter in the country. On this day children prepares special breakfasts, cakes and coffee to their fathers on bed with utmost care and love.

Published on: 17th June 2020