Busting some of the Myths about Corona Virus

Busting some of the Myths about Corona Virus Banner

Corona Virus pandemic has certainly gripped the entire world by its paw. With no vaccine or cure in prospect, innumerable misinformation is being circulated on the internet or Social Media platforms. From consuming Garlic to ayurvedic medicine can cure COVID, a lot of such fabricated myths have been formulated around prevention from COVID-19.

It becomes difficult to detach facts from the fictions when you receive as WhatsApp messages (from your relative or friends). However, not all can be deemed as a hoax but the majority of them are leading to inappropriate information and we should not fall for them. In any consequence, we should not panic and trust only the government’s officials or organization’s statement giving information on it.

We have busted a few myths that were highly regarded these days surrounding the coronavirus cure. Below are few pervasive myths and why they are false –

MYTH- High Temperature can kill Corona Virus

FACT –According to the WHO (World Health Organization), there is no evidence that the Corona Virus can be killed at higher temperatures. Many false messages circulated on social media, when summer hits India, the coronavirus will get eradicated itself. But WHO has clearly said all the areas including hot or humid weather can transmit this deadly COVID-19.

MYTH – Kids can’t catch the Corona Virus due to strong Immunity

FACT –There is no substantial evidence that the coronavirus does not occur in Children. In fact, kids are on the frontline of the potential catch of COVID-19. Though initial reports suggested fewer cases in children when compared with adults, the recent studies suggest, they are more likely to get hit with the Corona Virus.

MYTH – Holding your breath for 10 seconds or longer without feeling discomfort or coughing means you are free from Corona Virus.

FACT –Most common symptoms of corona virus are dry cough or fever.But holding your breath for more than 10 seconds without coughing or some breathing exercise will not ensure your safety rather you should be washing your hands regularly prevent the virus to enter your body.

MYTH – Eating Garlic or Lemon can help avoid Corona Virus infection

FACT –Garlic and Lemon have antimicrobial properties as well as a vital nutrient to boost your immune system. However, there is no evidence what-so-ever that it can protect you from this dangerous virus.

MYTH- Corona Virus can be transmitted through Mosquito bites

FACT - Till date, there is no hint to indicate that the coronavirus could be transmitted by mosquito bites. COVID-19 or coronavirus is a respiratory disease that spreads mainly through an infected person’s generated droplets when he/she coughs or sneezes or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

MYTH – Hand Dryers are effective in killing coronavirus

FACT–This holds no ground to stand as hand dryers aren’t effective in killing the new coronavirus. To prevent, you should be washing your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash them with soap and water.

MYTH – Drinking Alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19

FACT – It simply doesn’t. Frequent or excessive alcohol consumption can put your health at risk. Only alcohol-based sanitizer kills the virus from your hands, people assuming it will kill the virus when you drink alcohol is completely false. Do not fall into such a trick.

We hope these facts about some renowned myths will certainly help you and your family to be protected by this deadly coronavirus. We recommend you follow all the precautions and safety measures as directed by WHO or the government of India. Trust only these sources in this global pandemic. Don’t get trapped in any such myths, else it can prove dangerous for you as well as people coming in contact with you. Stay at home in this pandemic and we will get through this together. Keep your kids under your guidance, wash their hands frequently and do not let them play outside the house or in the open area. Take care of yourself and your loved ones in this tough hour. If any sign of fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing is observed, seek medical care as early as you can. Your attentiveness can save many lives around you. We hope, there will be a brighter day ahead with new wings to fly even higher.

Reference: WHO

Published on: 16th April 2020