Bedwetting in Kids: Causes & Solutions

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As a parent, dealing with a soggy bedsheet and stained lower of your kid can be frustrating. But it is completely normal until a certain age. Precautions and measures can limit to ultimately get rid of it. Children below the age of 5 are more common to experience this accident. However, a few percentages of kids still wet the bed until the age of 8-11 years.

Bedwetting has its own reasons to occur. Boys are more likely to wet the bed when compared to girls. Many tend to use the toilet or avoid taking liquids at night in order to stay dry until the next morning. Not all get safe with this trick.

What causes bedwetting in kids?

Not much development of brain-bladder control

Bedwetting mostly occurs in deep sleepers. Deep sleep affects the communication between the bladder and the brain. Pelvic muscles relax in deep sleep and the child empties the bladder while asleep. With the development of better brain-bladder control, slowly it stops ultimately. If the development doesn’t happen naturally, you may consult the doctor in order to speed up the development with treatment.

The kidney produces more urine at night

In many bedwetting kids, it was found that their kidney produces more urine at night as a result of bladder empties itself. Naturally, a hormone "antidiuretic hormone (ADH)" is produced by the brain which slows down the production of the kidney’s urine. So, when the brain doesn’t produce enough ADH, the kidney doesn’t respond to it and it produces more urines than usual. Certain drinks like caffeinated and carbonated ones also cause the kidneys to make more urine.


It can be a major factor when it comes to bedwetting in kids. They experience stress in different scenarios like moving to a new place or new school, losing someone precious they love or going through any major event in life.

What is the solution of bedwetting in kids?

First of all, don’t shout at them or punish them for such an incident. They are no way responsible for it when it is actually a natural activity. So, here are some solutions

Fluid Intake

Try to increase day fluid more as compared to later in the day.

Toilet habits

Make a proper schedule for bathroom use. You can make urination a ‘must-do’ task at an interval of 2-3 hours. Also, make urinating before bed an important routine for the kid.

Check Constipation

Constipation causes bladder problems at a younger age. Constipationsuffocated the bladder leaving less space to store the urine. Monitor their poop and if you get any signal of your child having constipation, increase the fluid intake and fiber-rich foods as well.

Waterproof mattress

Bedwetting occurs frequently. Kids either naturally or by treatment, the accidents tend to stretch for a longer duration of time. So, in these situations, you want to be care-free and stress-free. Waterproof mattresses will help you deal with regular bedwetting in saving your efforts.

Consult doctor

If the problem persists for a longer duration of time or in kids above 8-11 years, you definitely want some professional help for sure. There is a medication that can eradicate this incident in kids. Your family doctor or child specialist is got to option in these matters after all.

Published on: 14th May 2020