Announcing pregnancy in a fun way could be a task. Need some ideas? Here are some unique ideas to announce pregnancy

Announcing pregnancy in a fun way could be a task. Need some ideas? Here are some unique ideas to announce pregnancy Banner

With pregnancy comes a lot of excitement. There is a nursery to decorate, baby names to consider, the most adorable onesies to purchase, the baby's first toy, and of course the joy that will come from holding the baby for the very first time. But before all of that, expectant parents often announce their pregnancy through various creative ideas. This is the big "Ta-da" of pregnancy -- the moment future parents share with their loved ones there's a new little person on the way with their family and friends.

Photos, videos, and digital cards can be uploaded on social media, emailed, and texted to family and friends. Gifts and paper cards can be mailed or delivered. Couples may choose to announce the news differently depending on who they're sharing it with and when. Many parents-to-be choose to go all out with a funny or clever design – others go with something heartfelt. It's all a charming effort to let loved ones know that a baby is on the way and to celebrate this thrilling time. The ideas are never-ending for how to make these pregnancy announcements fun and unique. Need some ideas? These ideas of pregnancy announcements are certainly encouraging and can help parents-to-be figure out which way they want to orchestrate their own big reveal. Have fun deciding on a favorite!

1. Ultrasound reveal-

Ultrasound reveal

Super simple yet classic. Everyone will comprehend when you post a photo of your sonogram with your due date. Mission accomplished. This is perhaps the easiest way to go, but don’t write it off because it’s simple. You’ll still cherish the photos, especially if you can talk to your partner into being in the photos of you. No matter who you choose to tie in your baby’s sonogram. It’s an excellent way to announce your pregnancy - especially on social media.

2. Involve older child(ren)-

Involve older child(ren)

If you already have a child, you might want to include them in the pregnancy announcement. A hilarious way to do this is to play into the sibling rivalry theme. You can have your child hold up a sign that says something like “No longer the only child” or announce that your child is getting promoted. Involving older children with announcement is a great way to go.

3. Baby shoes-

Baby shoes

It is a quick and easy announcement idea. There is just something about baby shoes that make them exquisite for baby announcements. You can drape them on your belly, set them next to the announcement sign, or take a picture of them alone!

4. Chalk it up-

Chalk it up

When you want a quirky message a “chalkboard” announcement is perfect. You can find them in various sizes and price ranges and can pen the message on them yourself. You can write the pregnancy message on the chalkboard pose in front of the itfor a pretty picture! Another witty way to use a chalkboard is to have the mommy to be stand in front of the camera with a profile view in front of the chalkboard with a belly drawn on it.

5. Ready to pop-

Ready to pop

One of the effortless ways is to use balloons. Anyone who has the lung capacity to blow up a balloon can accomplish this lovely pregnancy announcement. You can write cute messages like “Loading baby” or “Ready to pop” or “Going to pop” you can also add the due date.

6. Say it with onesie-

Say it with onesie

A onesie is a distinctive baby item, so people will surely know right away that you’re announcing a baby on the way. If you want, you can throw in a sonogram, a calendar with due date circle. And another decorative element.

7. Pregnancy test reveal-

Pregnancy test reveal

Your pregnancy test can be used to announce your pregnancy, wrapping it up with a bow is an easy and fun way to do it, but you don’t have to stop there. You can have some fun by taking a photo of daddy or mommy “fainting” in shock with the pregnancy test in hand. To make it a little artistic, you can place the pregnancy test surrounded by a heart - make the heart out of your hands or something that symbolizes a small item that is important to you - for example, flowers, cupcakes, etc., to shape the heart.

8. Eating for two-

Eating for two

Eating for two is another conventional pregnancy phrase, though you aren’t eating double calories while you’re pregnant. It is a fun theme to play for your pregnancy announcement. You can get a picture of yourself clicked while eating, with the words “Eating for Two” on the picture.

9. Pose with a cute pregnancy t-shirt-

Pose with a cute pregnancy t-shirt

Get a snapshot of yourself wearing a “mom to be” t-shirt. Even better if you can get your partner to pose along with you – preferably while you’re both wearing matching t-shirts.

10. Go creative! Make a movie poster announcement-

Go creative! Make a movie poster announcement

Designing a movie poster for your pregnancy announcement is another quirky option. However, there are various ways to do it, you can take this theme and ensure that your pregnancy announcement is unique. Making a poster is very easy. You need a creative photo where you can imitate a movie poster along with a title. You can add your due date too.

Published on: 13th September 2021