All about pregnancy during Covid 19

All about pregnancy during Covid 19 Banner
All about pregnancy during Covid 19 Banner

The COVID-19 pandemic has everybody on edge and in dread. If you happen to be pregnant in these perilous times, without a doubt you have a lot of questions about whether Covid-19 poses a danger to you and your child. The verdict is not completely clear yet, because the virus is always evolving. Still, our researchers and scientists have managed to come up with all the precautions a pregnant lady should take during the pandemic and also have shed light on how it impacts pregnant women. Below we have tried to answer the two most important questions regarding Covid during pregnancy.

What impact does Covid have on pregnant ladies?

By and large, pregnant ladies aren’t any more vulnerable than a healthy individual when it comes to contracting Covid-19. Generally, they will just experience mild to moderate influenza-like side effects.

Whilst being pregnant if your influenza-like symptoms are aggravating, it could imply that your chest infection is getting more serious, and you may require hospitalization. If you develop more serious side effects or your recuperation is getting delayed, contact a clinic close to you right away.

What impact will Covid have on my child if I test positive for COVID-19?

As this is another infection, all the data and proof is as yet not conclusive. No proof contracting the infection might lead to miscarriage or stillbirth. There is likewise no proof of vertical transmission, which alludes to the capacity of the infection to pass to your unborn child during pregnancy.

In a study of nine pregnant ladies in China who tested positive for COVID-19, every one of the nine children tested negative for the infection and was healthy in general. One pregnant woman in London tested positive for Covid and later her infant likewise tested positive. But it is not clear whether the child contracted Covid-19 in utero or soon after birth. Experts think that the baby might not have been exposed to the virus during pregnancy and is unlikely to have any birth defects owing to being affected by the virus.

Is it safe to deliver in hospitals during these times?

WHO advises that hospitals are ideal even in the current situation for delivery since they follow all the protocols about infection control. Delivery ought to be at a tertiary care facility, with the availability of an isolation room, devoted labor room, and an OT (operation theater) with a multidisciplinary team approach who continues to monitor the mother and child all the time.

Breastfeeding during Covid 19?

WHO has affirmed, that new moms can keep on breastfeeding their babies, since there is no proof that infection from a COVID positive mother passes on to her infant. Nonetheless, all the standards of nursing, for example, respiratory cleanliness and hand cleanliness when taking care of the child ought to be followed.

Now that the major questions have been addressed, we advise the below-mentioned precautions all moms and soon to be moms, to be followed during this pandemic:

  • Wash hands often at spans; carry sanitizer bottles with you everywhere.
  • During doctor visitations, wearing a face mask is a MUST.
  • Carry your water and food from home (do wash/clean hands before eating)
  • Antenatal/Prenatal care visits should only be done after taking prior appointments and must not be undertaken unless necessary.
  • Social distancing while at the clinic for consultation or ultrasound must always be followed.

Published on: 18th March 2021