Activities you can enjoy during your pregnancy

Activities you can enjoy during your pregnancy Banner
Activities you can enjoy during your pregnancy Banner

It is necessary to be happy and feel happy while pregnant, as the emotional well-being of the mother directly impacts the neurological & psychological development of the baby.

Pregnancy is the time for joy and making beautiful memories. It's a perfect time to take note of the benefits of becoming a mum to be.

Here are some activities you can enjoy during your pregnancy -

Painting or Sketching

For a balanced mind, imagination is one of the strongest companions. Painting calls for plenty of creativity. Art therapy is one of the most common ways of avoiding or treating depression, too. Colors are esthetically pleasing and promote calmness and pleasure. This exercise involves very little movement and can be a positive way to help you express yourself. This is a great skill to have in the long run, because it can help you develop bonds with your kid, particularly when she's old enough to paint your fingers.


Knitting is often considered a stressbuster, one of the most popular activities for mums to be. It requires concentration, creativeness, and skills at the hand. Also, knitting is perfect for your mindset as it allows the brain to practice the part that keeps the things in order. Since it is a step-by-step process, many people take it for granted for strengthening brain muscles.

All this emphasis causes you to slow down, and as you knit, you can imagine your pregnancy and think about how your post-birth life could change. In future, your little one will definitely appreciate your effort for making some beautiful stuff and will love to hear about how excited their parents were to have them.


Photography is a good hobby to learn as you can use it to take photoshoots of your own pregnancy or infant. If you have a smartphone you can check online photography tutorials to know the basics or some extra photography skills.

Even if the camera on your phone is everything you have, you can still learn how to take better pictures. Learning photography is an immense use of your time when you’re pregnant.

Nevertheless, photography is not only about making memories; it can also be something that encourages you to take viewpoints.


Before pregnancy, because of your regular work schedule, you may find it difficult to spend more time in the kitchen trying a variety of dishes.

Cooking can be the best hobby you can choose while pregnant as this hobby will make your parenting life so much simpler than others. Getting creative and working with food in the kitchen keeps you focused, relaxed and creative. When battling boredom it holds depression and anxiety at bay


Writing is one of the easiest ways of expressing yourself. Through pregnancy, you should start writing the dairy. This will also be useful for next time. And you can alleviate the stress by writing dairy.

And you can try writing tales, songs, articles and so on. You can compose and publish these things in magazines or newspapers if you're good at writing these things. Blog writing is one of the best choices too. Within the forum, you will share your thoughts and ideas that will benefit readers. According to Researchers, writing is an art and activates many valuable brain chemicals for combating anxiety and depression.


if you have a strong love for gardening, you are sure to wonder if you can continue showering your love and care to mother nature. Then you should definitely choose as a hobby during your pregnancy. Gardening is a perfect hobby to calm your mind when taking advantage of your time to become something useful to your entire family.

Also, Vegetables/flowers/ fruits grown by your own hand give you a lot of happiness!


Music is one of life's most important aspects, it's a well-known fact that music keeps you relaxed, composed, and vigorous. Music also strengthens the acoustic senses of your child and when she's in your womb, it's considered an important mood stimulation tool for your child.

Pregnancy makes a lot of changes in women's bodies. It's a difficult challenge for any woman to maintain physical and mental health during pregnancy. Consequently, women should consider taking up any hobby according to their interests and circumstances during pregnancy. Also, a hobby is a great stressbuster and we hope you can find what you want with these couple of interesting activities.

Do share more ideas with us in the comments section!

Published on: 18th April 2020