A must-have list for moms on the go

A must-have list for moms on the go Banner

Taking care of a newborn baby isn’t easy, especially when you’re on the move. Whether you are going on a vacation or making a trip to the nearby grocery store, you can’t escape baby emergencies. For your aid, we have compiled a list of must-have products for you as well as your baby. These essentials will surely come in handy when you’re on the go.

1. Muslin blankets: These soft blankets can serve a variety of purposes while travelling. You can use the blanket as a swaddle, a nursing cover, and a changing pad also.

2. Diaper bag: new mother needs to carry a diaper wherever she goes. But instead of carrying diapers in your purse, opt for a diaper bag. Diaper bags tend to have more pocket space and you can also use them to carry other essential products such as wipes, sanitisers, etc. Moreover, these all-purpose bags come in loads of chic and stylish variants and can be used as handbags too.

3. Painkillers: These meds are a must-have for moms. If you unexpectedly experience pain or injury during travel, painkillers can be a life-saver.

4. Carseat: If you and your kid are travelling through a car, car seats can prove to be a blessing in disguise. Carseats can ensure optimum comfort and safety for your child, provided they are installed properly.

5. Toys: Carrying toys while on the go serves a dual purpose. First, if you are making errands and end up spending too much time outside, your child will probably get tired and cranky. In such a situation, you can use your kid’s favourite toy to pacify them. Secondly, you can use toys to keep your child engaged lest they get bored while on the move.

6. Wipes and hand sanitisers: There is no denying that changing diapers can be a messy affair. Depending on where you are going, soap and sink might not always be available. You can use wipes and hand sanitisers to keep yourself and your child germ-free.

7. Water: It is imperative to keep the baby hydrated all day. Always carry plenty of water for your baby while travelling or making errands. Also, it is advisable to carry boiled waiter for children as it is devoid of bacteria.

8. Baby carrier: Carrying the baby on your arm is quite tiresome and thus, it is rather beneficial to invest in a baby carrier. If you are at the mall or working in the yard and your baby refuses to be set down, just use the carrier to strap them in and continue going about your day without any hassle.

9. Nursing pads: Many women face an issue of leakage after breastfeeding. Since you will breastfeed your infant while you are on a vacation, it is better to carry reusable nursing pads to avoid such issues.

10. Nipple balm and cream: Your nipples are bound to hurt every time you nurse the baby. In fact, they might even get chapped and start bleeding. By investing in a good nipple cream, you can get rid of the searing pain even when you are on the go.

Undoubtedly, travelling with a baby can be very difficult. Not only do you have to worry about the baby’s comfort and safety, but also have to successfully finish your tasks. However, A day if you utilize all the essential products mentioned above, a day out with the baby can become very convenient and enjoyable.

Published on: 14th April 2021