8 Things Your Child Can Learn Online For Free

8 Things Your Child Can Learn Online For Free Banner

COVID-19 has changed everything about education. However, in difficult times like these, we must look for the silver lining. On account of the exponential advancements in science and technology, it has become extremely easy to access resources to learn a bunch of new skills. With just one click, one can find a reservoir of online classes for kids to learn something substantial in their growing years. And while many schools plan to open their doors for offline learning soon, some parents are still concerned about their unvaccinated children and are looking at online learning for kids.

Whether you want your kids to do better in school or want them to focus on a few extra curriculars, or if you’re looking for high-quality online education for kids, that is supplemental fun. We have a list of 10 best online learning platforms and courses to help you out. This list of apps, websites, and platforms are exclusively curated for kids, keeping their unique requirements in mind.

1. Pick up a new language-

Learning a second language is beneficial for kids’ minds, and it can help them with a better hold at grammar and improved academic performance. Duolingo is one such application which allows kids to learn a second language through short and simple lessons and games. The website and the app teach several different languages, including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and more.

2. Learn the basics of coding-

Tech skills are in high demand! Even though your kids don’t choose a tech-related career field in future, learning the basics of coding could give them an edge (and a cool hobby). To help inculcate interest in coding, Code.org offers a slate of coding tutorials, woven in Frozen, Minecraft and Star Wars.

3. Learn how to draw- Offered by Udemy

Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and self-expression with these online drawing lessons. Each lesson is taught using a step-by-step drawing method, it requires no previous skills, making it super easy to follow. Your child will walk out with some beautiful and colorful drawing masterpieces of their own!

4. Learn chess the easy and fun way- Offered by Udemy

Whether your child is a beginner or a genius at chess, they can get onboard with this platform to find a well-matched challenger from around the globe at any time. The course’s library of entertaining videos that teach different strategies of the game is an amazing way for kids to learn patience, tactics, and critical thinking skills.

5. Learn Guitar-

Justin Guitar is one of the finest free music lesson sites. It offers more than 1000 free lessons that are presented in a short, manageable format. The lessons start with a complete beginner level and range to fairly advanced levels. The site isn’t directed toward kids learning only, but the teaching is definitely both appropriate for and accessible to kids.

6. Watercolor-

Watercolor Painting Lessons for Kids is a YouTube playlist provided by Createful Kids that contains 12 beginner watercolor lessons. The lessons are directed towards children and can be followed using basic watercolor supplies. Some lessons are based on techniques and tricks, such as “How to Mix Paints” and “How to Paint a Background,” while other lessons explain the kids how to make a specific painting through the steps, like a vase of flowers or a mermaid.

7. Yoga-

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a healthy screen time option for kids that offers interactive adventures to boost their strength, balance, and confidence. A large range of yoga videos are available, from “Yoga Adventures” (familiar stories told through active yoga poses) to mindfulness exercises and guided relaxations. They keep posting new videos regularly to keep things interesting. These classes are even more fun for adults to do along with their kids!

8. Cooking-

Kids Cooking and Crafts is an adorable and engaging YouTube channel hosted by a kid named Ava. The channel has more than 70 easy recipe cooking videos that kids can follow along with. We can find more such similar channels and the kids will learn a lot about cooking by watching the videos.

Published on: 19th August 2021