8 Did you know about these 8 most effective learning apps for kids in 2021

8 Did you know about these 8 most effective learning apps for kids in 2021 Banner

It’s 2021 and children across the world have just experienced the most difficult and unexpected year of their childhood. With schools being transferred to online learning, many parents opted out of virtual schooling. Learning apps for kids have turned out to be great solutions for bridging the gaps in learning.

Today, almost every child has access to quality education through technology that has made the activity of learning easy. The main purpose of these educational apps is to make the teaching activity fun, interesting and engaging for the kids to understand the basics in an easy and more entertaining way, thus leading to their overall development. Many of these learning apps are a perfect package of edutainment for kids.

How do Apps for kids aid in learning?

These apps are fast emerging as powerful tools of learning for preschoolers and early learners. The benefits of these apps include:

Easy Access: As the app can be accessed from anywhere at any time, they keep the learning process on as against the time-bound school routine. Parental control on the usage of the device is all that’s required.

Constructive Engagement: Children can use their screen time constructively by using the best of learning apps. They not only help to inculcate good learning habits but also help them utilize their leisure time in a productive manner.

Interactive Learning: These apps are designed to occupy their minds, which is achieved through various interactive learning methods including visual and auditory. It helps in making the learning fun as well as taking care of their overall development.

Informal Learning: It creates an informal educational environment for children and gives them the confidence to absorb knowledge with ease and comfort. It provides an opportunity for the parents to be involved with their children through the process of learning.

In this article Mommunity recommends 8 best apps for kids that are very secured, safe and easy to access:

1. HeyCloudy –

It is a free audio storytelling app that entertains and educates kids through stories, music, brain teasers and more which centers around brain development, vocabulary enhancement, listening skills, focus and critical thinking. What’s more is that it is screen-free and ad-free. With little parental intervention, the screen could be switched off without interrupting the listening experience.

Download the app from: Google play store and IOS

2. Kiddopia -

Kiddopia offers interactive games and activities to encourage self-expression and cognitive development. Its curriculum-oriented content focuses on math programs, language skills, general knowledge, creativity, role playing, and social-emotional learning. It provides a safe, inclusive and an overall encouraging environment for kids to help them reach their fullest potential.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

3. Khan Academy Kids -

It is a fun based interactive and educational program focusing on early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math with an ad-free engaging curriculum. The app also offers innovative weekly planners and off-screen printable activities for parents and children.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

4. Kutuki Kids Learning App –

It uses a story-based learning which involves animation and illustrations that increases the curiosity of the kids while creating an engaging experience for them. It is also available in many regional languages apart from Hindi and English. This app has more than 30 Preschool aligned themes with Indian focus like Health and Hygiene, Phonics, English and Hindi Letter Tracing, Safety, Indian festivals General Knowledge, Emotions & Feelings and much more.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

5. Disney BYJU’S Early Learn -

The learning app has a lot of 3D animated content to add a new experience for the children. The concepts are taught to young children with the help of animated videos, games, worksheets, characters, stories, quizzes and more.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

6. Wuf Shanti Mindful Yoga Fun -

Wuf Shanti is a little dog who shares yoga, meditation, & mindfulness with kids through fun games & music. It promotes health, wellness, & happiness in children, & encourages peace and positivity.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

7. Playbees Play & Learn -

It is a fun learning edutainment app which covers all the fundamentals of shapes, alphabets, numbers, colors, reading and more. The interactive activities of this app keep your child engaged in a fun learning environment and helps them progress through learning the basics of alphabets while reading their favorite story in the same app.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

8. Teach Your Monster to Read -

Many friendly monsters are featured on the app who will help the child practice the basics of the language and progress to advanced concepts by crossing each level. From recognizing letters to learning the sounds and correct pronunciation keys of the words, it offers a holistic way to learn the language confidently. It is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten and primary school students.

Available on: Google play store and IOS

There is nothing better than the experience of learning in a school environment. However, the potential of a digital device in providing a unique education experience is something that parents and educators are acknowledging more and more these days. These apps are not just assisting kids in learning but also provide a safe space to converse and open up. While Parents are in opposition of giving their kids a smart device as a source of entertainment, the alternative is to go for edutainment that brings along a learning experience which eventually makes their screen time fruitful.

So, if you are a parent who is worried about your kid’s development and hence looking for some best online learning apps in India then we hope this article has helped you.

Published on: 22nd June 2021