6 Memorable Lord Ganesha Stories for Kids

6 Memorable Lord Ganesha Stories for Kids Banner

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, let me tell you the legendary Lord Ganesha was the first Lord to be worshipped during any procession or celebration. He is the destroyer of obstacles who loves to feed on modaks and even children love the cutest Lord of them all.

How about a few memorable Lord Ganesha stories for kids?

1) Wisdom of Ganesha: The two brothers Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya often fought and argued like other siblings. One day, they stumbled upon a magical fruit in the forest and each started wanting it for themselves. On reaching Mountain Kailash, Lord Shiva spotted the fruit and realized that it was a special kind of fruit that bestowed knowledge and immortality. He gave his sons a task to decide who was more deserving of the fruit and hence asked them to go around the Universe thrice and return back to Mount Kailash the fastest. The one who returned first, would obtain the fruit. Karthikeya did not waste a single second and quickly hopped onto his peacock to fly around the Universe. Ganesha on the other hand, realized that he could not do the same on his tiny little mouse. Lord Ganesha simply circled around Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and told them that they were his Universe. Impressed by the quick presence of mind and wit displayed by Ganesha, Lord Shiva gifted him the special fruit.

Moral: Use your intelligence when the situation is tough while you should always remember to respect your parents.

2) Ganesha with animals: Lord Ganesha was always a notorious child. One day, he spotted a cat while he was busy playing in a corner. He decided to have some fun and pulled the cat’s tail in a cruel manner. The cat cried out in pain and meowed for help. When the Elephant God was done playing, he decided to let go of the cat and headed off home to Mount Kailash. There he saw his mother i.e. Goddess Parvati in a lot of pain and suffering. He rushed to his mother’s side to ask her what happened. Lord Ganesha was terrified to know that it was actually his mother in the form of a cat who wanted to play with him! He realized that his actions had caused his mother a lot of pain and henceforth took an oath to never hurt animals again.

Moral: Animals also deserve as much respect as humans do. Do not hurt or harm them.

3) Kubera’s Wedding: Kubera is said to be a proud and greedy God of wealth. It was important to teach a lesson and hence Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati sent Lord Ganesha to his wedding feast. Ganesha quickly gobbled down all the food for the guests. He then proceeded to eat up all of Kubera’s furniture, vessels as well as all of his wealth. Lord Kubera was astonished and helpless and rushed to Mount Kailash to ask for Shiva’s aid. Lord Shiva asked him to be humble and offer Ganesha some cereal in a bowl. His hunger was finally satisfied and Lord Kubera learnt his mistake.

Moral: Be satisfied and happy with what you have always.

4) The Moon Story: This is the story of when the moon angered Lord Ganesha and hence suffered the consequences. One fine day, Lord Ganesha’s stomach was too full from overeating and he could not walk. He kept stumbling and falling down. The moon who was viewing Ganesha from above, found this too funny and could not help himself from laughing hysterically. This made Ganesha angry and he put a curse on the moon by making him invisible. However, when the moon begged for forgiveness; Ganesha was unable to take back the curse and hence told him that he would become bigger in the first 15 days and then his shape will decrease over the next 15 days. This is why we have waxing and waning phases of the moon now!

Moral: It is impolite to poke fun at someone's condition. Try to be good and help as much as possible.

5) Ganesha’s Kheer: This is an adorable story of Lord Ganesha where he went to a village once with rice and milk in search of some delicious kheer. A poor lady invited him to her hut and offered to make kheer for him. Ganesha went out to play while she put the milk and rice in the pot for cooking and fell asleep. When she rose from her sleep, a delicious smelling kheer was waiting for her. She could not resist it and decided to eat some of the delicacy. However, she first placed a bowl of kheer in front of Ganesha’s idol and then started eating herself. To her amazement and surprise, the pot of kheer did not become empty; no matter how much she ate! On Ganesha’s return, she told him that she already tasted the sweet dish as she was really hungry but kept some for him too. Ganesha was impressed with her efforts and gifted her with lots of wealth and good health.

Moral: No matter how little you have, remember to share.

6) The Elephant Look: This was the encounter of Lord Shiva with his son Ganesha for the first time. Both did not know each other. Goddess Parvati was taking a bath and told Ganesha to guard her door. He was so obedient that he did not even let Lord Shiva enter. Shiva got really angry and beheaded him. When Goddess Parvati came out, she was furious on seeing this and threatened to destroy the Universe if he did not amend his mistake and bring back Ganesha! Shiva became aware of his mistake and sent his troops to the jungle. He told them to bring back the first animal they saw and they brought an elephant. Hence, the head of the elephant was placed over Ganesha’s body while Shiva accepted him as his own son.

Moral: Think before you act.

Published on: 07th September 2021