51 Hindu names of Lord Ganesha for your Baby Boy

51 Hindu names of Lord Ganesha for your Baby Boy Banner

Among the Hindu gods, Lord Ganesha holds a special place. He is the first deity to be worshipped before beginning any puja, and he is renowned for his ability to remove barriers. Children are urged to repeat His mantras and worship Him because He is famous as the bestower of wisdom. Lord Ganesha is one of the coolest gods in the Sanathan Dharma, with his elephant head containing all of the world's wisdom. He has so many different names that you will find one that suits you. What's more, guess what? These Lord Ganesha newborn boy names are guaranteed to be popular.

So, go ahead and name your little Ganapati whatever you want because Mommunity has a long list of Ganesha names for you to choose from.

51 Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boy:

1. Achyuth:

This name means "indestructible one." After braving Lord Shiva's wrath, Lord Ganesha was resurrected, making him indestructible. This name is also given to Lord Vishnu.

2. Adidev:

The name Adidev means "one who is the first god." Lord Ganesha is given this name because he is the first of the Hindu gods to be worshipped.

3. Advaith:

This word means "one who is one of a kind," and isn't Lord Ganesha one of a kind among the gods? If you believe your son is unique as well, this is the name for him.

4. Ameya:

This is a unique and modern-sounding name. The connotation is also noteworthy since it signifies "limitless" or "boundary-less."

5. Amit:

Are you looking for a familiar name with a unique meaning? Amit is the right choice. It is also Lord Ganesha's name, and it signifies "endless" or "limitless."

6. Amod:

Lord Ganesha's name signifies "delight" or "pleasure."

7. Amogh:

It signifies 'one who is invincible'. Lord Ganesha, who is renowned as the Lord of All Wealth and Wisdom, has another name.

8. Anav:

It literally means "one who is full of humanity and has a kind heart." Giving your son this name is like providing him with the ability to live a peaceful and hate-free life.

9. Anmay:

You want your son to be mentally strong and resilient in the face of adversity. Consider the meaning of this name, which translates to "one who cannot be broken."

10. Ashrith:

'He who shields' or 'one who gives sanctuary' is the meaning of this name. It is a name that has been given to a number of gods, including Lord Ganesha.

11. Atharv:

This name refers to the Lord of Wisdom and meaning "knowing." The fourth Veda, Atharvana Veda, is also known by this name.

12. Avighna:

Look around, and you'll see Lord Ganesha all over the place. Because he is the Avighna, or obstacle-remover, he has this ability.

13. Avneesh:

This name means "lord of the earth and ruler," a variant of Lord Ganesha.

14. Devavrata:

The Hindus worship the elephant God Devavrata, who is thought to be kind in his blessings to his believers. Many, particularly in western and southern India. Devavrata is another name for him, which means "one who takes all penances."

15. Dharmik:

The word Dharmik means "righteous and charitable." Lord Ganesha represents dharma in its purest form. Give your son this name if you wish him to follow in Lord Ganesha's footsteps.

16. Ekadrishta:

This name means "one who is concentrated," and it is another name for Lord Ganesha.

17. Gajrup:

Gajrup means "like an elephant," a reference to Ganesh's elephant incarnation.

18. Gaurik:

Gaurik is a beautiful name for your baby boy because it is distinctive. It's also one of Ganesha's many names.

19. Haridra:

Another name for Lord Ganesha, which means "golden-skinned one." It'd be a perfect name for your adorable baby boy.

20. Harsha:

This name means "the joyous one," and it is another common name for Lord Ganesha. You might consider this name if you want your boy to be happy for the rest of his life.

21. Heramb:

Lord Ganesha's serene exterior reveals his inner might, making him a hero to his worshippers. It is, without a doubt, something worth emulating. Heramb, another of Ganesha's beautiful names, signifies "a peaceful, respectable, and scholarly person."

22. Indraneel:

This posh-sounding name refers to the colour emerald, which is a shade of blue.

23. Kapila:

Another common name for Ganesha, Kapila, means "yellowish-brown in hue."

24. Karunya:

This name means "lovely and merciful," given to several gods, including Lord Ganesha.

25. Kaveesha:

Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual? Then you'd want your son to follow in your footsteps. Lord Ganesha is a renowned poet and is called Kaveesha, which means 'king of all poets'

26. Kshipra:

To please your god, you don't have to go to a hilltop and spend years in a trance. Lord Ganesha is a compassionate God, as seen by his name Kshipra, which means "easy to appease."

27. Mahabala:

This is Lord Ganesha's second name, which means "the one with enormous strength."

28. Mahodhar:

The name means "someone generous and kind." Give your son this name if you want him to grow up to be kind and caring.

29. Manomay:

Manomay is a lovely name that connects to Lord Ganesha and means "winner of hearts," which is precisely what you want your son to be.

30. Mrtyunjay:

Lord Ganesha was given this name because he defeated death. This name symbolises a wish for your child to live a long and healthy life.

31. Mundakarama:

Mundakarama is a Sanskrit word that means "abode of happiness." It's a classic-sounding name that's perfect for someone seeking a highly traditional name.

32. Muktidaya:

God is the source of everlasting joy and contentment. Ganesha is also known as Muktidaya, which means "the giver of perpetual happiness."

33. Nandana:

The name signifies "accomplishment." Don't you want your child to reach greater heights as he grows older?

34. Omkara:

This refers to someone who has the shape of the sound 'Om,' which has existed since the beginning of time. Lord Ganesha is also renowned as the God of New Beginnings; hence he is referred to as such.

35. Ojas:

Your son is the brightest light in your family. Give him the name Lord Ganesha, which means "full of light" and "brilliance.

36. Prathmesh:

This name is appropriate for the family's firstborn. It literally means "first among equals."

37. Promod:

Promodis a Sanskrit word that means "happy" or "joy" and is one of Lord Ganesh's names. Choose this name for your son if you want him to have a happy and prosperous life.

38. Riddhesh:

This name means "Lord of Prosperity." Lord Ganesha is linked to three concepts: Riddhi (prosperity), Buddhi (intellect), and Siddhi (spirituality) (spiritual achievement).

39. Sarvasiddhanta:

Lord Ganesha is also known as the "provider of wisdom and talent."

40. Shambhav:

This name refers to Lord Ganesha, and it means "Son of Shiva."

41. Shriniketh:

The term Shriniketh means 'the abode of beauty.' The name is given to several Hindu gods, including Lord Ganesha.

42. Shubham:

Lord Ganesha is worshipped to bring prosperity and good fortune. Shubham is a Sanskrit word that means "lucky."

43. Sumukh:

This name translates to "lovely face." According to legend, Lord Ganesha's body lighted and entered the moon's perimeter after he was hit by Lord Shiva, and Ganesha inherited all of the moon's splendour. Sumukh was given to him because of the form of his head, which reflects Omkar's complete character.

44. Swaroop:

Swaroop is a traditional name for a baby boy. This Lord Ganesha name signifies 'pleasant or lovely appearance.'

45. Taksh:

This name denotes power. It signifies "strong" or "pigeon eyes."

46. Tarak:

This name means "all-protector." If you want your kid to be brave and save others, this is the name for him.

47. Tarun:

This well-known name implies 'ageless.' If you want your son to be immortal no matter how old he gets, this is the name for him.

48. Vignesh:

This is a popular Lord Ganesha boy's name, which means "the remover of barriers."

49. Vikat:

This name has the meanings of "ferocious" and "someone with a great personality." This could be a good name for your boy to have.

50. Vyom:

The Sanskrit term 'atmosphere' or 'sky' means 'atmosphere' or 'sky'. Lord Ganesha, the leader of the five elements, is also known by this name.

51. Yashaswi:

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of prosperity. This name, which means "everlasting success," is a good choice if you want your boy to succeed and bring glory to the family.

Ganesha was the perfect son. His life is an example of a man of qualities, and his stories may teach children a lot. By naming your child after Lord Ganesha, you would be granting him the blessings of the God of Wisdom.

Published on: 07th September 2021