50 Hindu Baby Girl Names

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Your child's name is important in more than one way. Throughout your child's life, people will build an image of who your child is named after. Every time your child applies for a job, sends an email, or makes an introduction that person on the other side will build a quick impression. Your teenager's name can be a powerful predictor of his or her own personality, an influence on his or her appearance and reputation, and a measure of success. But it's not just the appearance of other people that you should be interested in. Research shows that children's names can have a profound effect on how they see themselves.

So here are some popular girl baby names for 2021-

1. Aadhya (first power)
2. Aanya (limitless)
3. Aarna (Goddess Lakshmi)
4. Advika (world)
5. Bhavna (purity)
6. Brinda (tulsi)
7. Binita (modest)
8. Chhaya (life)
9. Chakrika (Lakshmi)
10. Chara (quiet)
11. Daksha (earth)
12. Dhriti (courage)
14. Darika (maiden)
15. Ekaja (the only child)
16. Ela (oak)
17. Estaa (loving)
18. Eshika (dart)
19. Eshana (desire)
20. Ekiya (kindness)
21. Forum (fragrant)
22. Falak (brave)
23. Geetika (beauty)
24. Gayathri (mother of Vedas)
25. Gulika (pearl)
26. Hiral (lustrous)
27. Hemangini (jasmine)
28. Hemal (one with a good brain)
29. Ishani (consort of Lord Shiva)
30. Idika (earth)
31. Jeevika (water)
32. Jiera (beautiful)
33. Kashvi (shining)
34. Krisha (divine)
35. Kalki (white horse)
36. Laasya (dance perfomed by Goddess Parvathi)
37. Lekha (writing)
38. Mihika (mist)
39. Maira (beloved)
40. Nyra (beauty of Goddess Saraswati)
41. Oorvi (earth)
42. Oishi (divine)
43. Pihu (chattering of bird)
44. Prisha (God’s gift)
45. Ridhi (fortune)
46. Rabhya (worshipped)
47. Saira (princess)
48. Shravya (musical tone)
49. Turvi (superior)
50. Yashica (success)

Published on: 30th August 2021