15 Best Lord Krishna Stories for Kids

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Do you know what will make for some exciting bedtime stories for your kids as well as teach them about our Indian culture and traditions? The childhood stories of Lord Krishna. His narratives are filled with anecdotes of his fun, mischief, and miracles which will leave your kids enthralled. They will grow to adore his tales reflecting the courage and his undying love for people. Storytelling is one of the best ways to bond with your kids and what better than the chronicles of Lord Krishna?

1) Krishna’s Birth Story: An evil prince named Kamsa wanted to take over the throne desperately and hence imprisoned his own father. The 8th child who would bring the downfall of Kamsa took birth on a moonless stormy night. Vasudeva was instructed by a divine voice, to carry his son Krishna, in a basket and walk into the water. The moment he stepped into the holy waters, the water level decreased and he could simply walk through the waters to a place called Gokul. A serpent with a large hood protected Krishna from the stormy rain. Vasudeva made sure that he left Krishna with Nanda’s wife Yashoda and returned with their baby girl to the dungeon. When Kamsa heard of the 8th child being born, he angrily stepped into the dungeon and snatched the baby away. The moment he did so, the baby girl transformed into Goddess Durga and warned Kamsa of his approaching doom! Meanwhile, Lord Krishan is carried to the other side of River Yamuna and lovingly fostered by Nanda and his wife Yashoda in Gokul. This day of his birth is celebrated as Janmashtami.

2) Putana’s unsuccessful attempt to kill Krishna: Kamsa decided to take the help of the fearful demoness named Putana with longer hair and nails, a blood-red tongue and scary-looking teeth. Putana took it as a challenge and decided to totally transform herself into a gorgeous lady and fool the villagers as well as Krishna's parents. Putana had filled her breasts with poisonous milk and started feeding it to Krishna in the backyard. She felt like he was sucking the life out of her and tried to push him away but Krishna's hold was strong. She tried to scare him as an angry demoness but he did not move until she dropped dead on the ground.

3) Krishna’s Butter Love: Krishna was famous all over Vrindavan for his fondness for butter. He would steal it from his own house and neighbors alike. His mother Yashoda was forced to hang it on the roof so that Krishna was unable to reach it. One day when his mother was away on an important errand, he gathered his friends to help him steal the butter. In the beginning, they refused but Krishna ultimately convinced them to. All his friends stood up on each other’s shoulders to build a pyramid in order to reach the pitcher. He finally breaks the pot and relishes the butter much to the disappointment of his mother Yashoda.

4) Krishna’s Great Escape: When Lord Krishna was still an infant, his mother Yashoda took him to the village festival to enjoy. After a satisfying meal, she let him doze away under a bullock cart. It was only a while when Krishna woke up to the beautiful sound of music. All the villagers were tapping their feet away to the catchy tunes and so did Krishna, However, he hit the wheel of the bullock cart by mistake and it crashed to the ground. And boy! Weren’t they surprised to still see him happily dancing to the tunes? It was one of those first incidents that was proof of Krishna’s celestial powers but everybody believed that it was a miracle that left the boy unharmed.

5) Yashoda’s Little Secret: When Krishna was still a young boy, he ate butter and stuffed his mouth with mud without telling anyone. Hence, his friends carried him to Yashoda who threatened him with a stick to open his mouth and show him what was inside! To her complete surprise, the moment Krishna opened his mouth wide - she could clearly view the entire Universe inside his open mouth. She also saw Gokul and herself standing in front of Krishna with his mouth wide open! It left her speechless and she closed her eyes and blinked again to see if it was all true! She saw Krishna smiling innocently after the miracle.

6) Lord Krishna & the Monster: Krishna and Balram took care of their cattle who would graze away happily while Krishna played his flute and sang merry songs for them. One day, the brothers suddenly noticed a new cow in the herd who was unnecessarily scaring the children nearby. Krishna and Balram silently approached the cow by its horns and threw her into the lake nearby. The moment she falls into the water, she comes into her original form of a monster who had been sent by Kansa to kill Krishna. Everyone is relieved and rejoices that the monster dies!

7) Govardhan Hill lifted by Lord Krishna: To get good rain for the crops, the Vrindavan people used to pray to Lord Indra. One fine day, Lord Krishna explained to the villagers the importance of hard work. Everyone was convinced & took a decision to not pray to Lord Indra anymore which made him very angry. Soon, Vrindavan was flooded with rainwater and people had nowhere to go. Krishna lifted the entire hill of Govardhan on the tip of his little finger & kept the villagers and their livestock safe under the hill for days!

8) Krishna & Varuna’s Encounter: One fine day when Krishna’s father Nanda was taking a dip in the holy river Yamuna, the servants of the demigod Varuna took him into captivity and presented him in front of their Lord. He was accused of taking bath in the river at a demonic time. Krishna and Balram noticed the disappearance of their father and heard sounds from the river. Krishna met Varuna and they engaged in a hearty conversation. Varuna’s servants realized their mistake and apologized to Krishna. Nanda was released instantly.

9) Krishna’s Forest Fire Fiasco: During the summers, Krishna along with friends and cows, go deep into the forest. They get engrossed in fun activities and do not realize the forest fires spreading rapidly. The fire comes too close by the time everyone realizes and Krishna asks them to close their eyes. Krishna protected everyone by swallowing the colossal wildfire and saved his friends.

10) Freedom from the curse: Fed up of Krishna’s antics, Yashoda tied him to a mortar to teach him a lesson. Krishna dragged himself till the trees in the courtyard in order to free himself. He continued to crawl in between the passage between the trees. And tugged tightly at the rope when the mortar got stuck in the gap between them. The trees came crashing down but Krishna was left unharmed. Instead, two demigods called Nalakuvara and Manigriva appeared and Krishna actually gave them freedom from their curse!

11) Krishna meets Kaliya: One fine morning, Krishna’s cows started dying after consuming the river’s water. Krishna used his divine powers to sense that it was the ten-headed serpent Kaliya who was filling the river water with venom. He sat on his head as Kaliya refused to listen to him and would not stop. Krishna started getting heavier and heavier until the serpent could not take his weight anymore. It was only when the serpent’s wives begged him to stop and left the river to never return again, Krishna let go!

12) Krishna tackles the Bull: Everyone started running to save their lives when a massive bull centered into the village to disrupt everything. Krishna on facing the bull immediately made out that it had been possessed by the demon Arishthasura. He tackled the bull by piercing him with his horns with utmost courage. The demon was forced to leave the bull’s body and bowed in front of Lord Krishna. It turned out that he was actually Lord Brihaspati’s disciple who had been turned into a bull for disrespecting his mentor. So, always obey your elders!

13) Krishna meets Lord Brahma: Lord Brahma decided to hide all the calves and children of Vrindavan in Brahma Loka to test the innate powers of Lord Krishna. Krishna decided to teach Brahma a lesson by taking the form of all the children and calves in Vrindavan and went to their respective homes! No one could make out any difference and Brahma was shocked to see the children and calves in Vrindavan! He realized his mistake and asked forgiveness from Lord Krishna.

14) Krishna faces Aghasura: Once when Krishna was enjoying a picnic with his friends, Kamsa sent Patana’s brother, Aghasura to kill Krishna. The demon took the shape of a python with his size as big as a mountain and himself as long as a cave. Assuming it to be a beautiful cave, Krishna’s friends stepped into the demon’s mouth; who had decided to close his mouth as soon as Krishna entered inside. Krishna cleverly expanded himself on entering the demon’s mouth to save his friends and suffocated Aghasura who died!

15) Krishna kills Kamsa: Krishna jumped into the wrestling ring and knocked Kamsa’s crown off his head and dragged him via his hair with all his might towards the wrestling ring. Kamsa was angered and challenged him to a wrestling match. One blow from Krishna and Kamsa was dead! Krishna finally set his birth parents i.e. Devaki and Vasudeva, free and put Ugrasena on the throne!

Published on: 26th August 2021