10 things to do to release Stress

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This six-letter word when uttered by someone means there is a problem. A problem that is causing you anxiety. A problem that triggers a certain biological response. Stress often triggers a fight or flight response in your body after which the body should certainly relax. But too much stress can definitely impact your body in a negative manner. And why take stress when you can do a million little things to stay happy instead?

Let us dive straight into 10 things which you should do to relieve stress!

1) Exercise: I know you must have heard this many times before but let me reiterate this which is actually true. Any form of exercise as simple as an early morning walk or jogging/dancing or simply Yoga: does release endorphins. These are chemicals which help in uplifting your mood and play the role of natural painkillers. But you have to exercise on a regular basis to reap its benefits. Did you know that putting physical stress on your body can relieve mental stress?

It also has a few added benefits like exercise can help improve the quality of your sleep which would otherwise be negatively impacted by anxiety and stress. Exercise can increase your level of confidence and in turn promote your well-being. So, try to get into an exciting exercise routine to fall in love with and say bye-bye to unnecessary stress!

2) Lighting Candles: Do you know that aromatherapy works wonders in reducing anxiety and stress? When you use essential oils or light a scented candle, it can actually improve your mood to a great extent. Some of the most calming scents include Geranium, Orange blossom, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Neroli, Roman chamomile, Bergamot, Vetiver, Rose and Lavender.

3) Journaling: One of the most useful ways of putting yourself to rest is to start journaling. The moment you pen down those thoughts which make you not anxious but those positive things in your life which you are actually grateful for - will go a long way. Focus on positive thoughts which spell gratitude and watch your stress hormones take a backseat.

4) Laughing: Have you noticed anyone feeling anxious when they are bursting with laughter or giggling away like a tickly teenager? Laughing is good for health and definitely improves your health and immune system. To get rid of stress, laugh out loud with the best of friends, watch a funny television show or try to find humor in the smallest of things to stay happy. It will help relax your muscles and also relieve your stress hormones.

5) Calming Music: Did you know that soothing music actually has a calming effect on your body and tends to relax it by reducing your stress hormones as well as balancing your heart rate? Slow-paced instrumental music is said to be quite effective. However, the goal is to listen to any kind of music which you love. Nature sounds are often incorporated into meditation music for relaxation as they can be quite calming too. The sound of gushing water or chirping birds is peaceful for the soul.

6) Meditation or conscious breathing: When you focus on one point by deeply meditating, it decreases anxiety and also increases concentration levels. A variety of deep breathing exercises involving abdominal breathing, belly breathing or paced respiration will focus your awareness on your breath. When you breathe deeply through your nose, your lungs will fully expand while your belly rises. This helps reduce heart rate and you will feel at peace.

7) Baking: Is there anything better to magically make your stress hormones disappear by cooking something you love? Bake a delicious chocolate cake or simply the smell of red velvet cupcakes or chocolate cookies will automatically make you feel comfortable. Kneading the dough, sprinkling all kinds of toppings of your choice will activate your brain and ticks the stress-reduction box with happiness.

8) Dancing: When you dance like nobody's watching and let loose, it is the best form of exercise and an excellent way to release stress. Playing your favorite playlist and dancing to its tunes will engage your mind and trigger only the happiest of memories. Be positive, feel good and be transported to your happy place with quirky dance moves.

9) Massage: When nothing works out to relieve the tension in your muscles, a long and relaxing massage can work wonders. Sensory receptors in your skin send relaxing messages to your brain. A good massage will make you more aware of your feelings and relax those areas of your body like the front of your neck, your shoulders, hinge of your jaw or the pressure points in the palm of your hand. You will feel relaxed.

10) Problem-solving: However, often most of our problems are more mental than physical and it requires you to get out of that thinking loop and engage yourself. Start on a cleaning spree around your house or solve a crossword puzzle. Organize your shoe-shelf or pop some bubble-wrap which is a good grounding technique to bring your body back to normal. You will be in a better position to deal with the stress bothering you.

Be it a small thing or a small step, make sure you do what is required to relieve your stress hormones. All it requires is mental strength and courage to come out of that headspace and engage in something worthwhile.

Wishing you only stress-free days ahead, readers!

Published on: 01st September 2021