10 fun Halloween Games and Activities for kids

10 fun Halloween Games and Activities for kids Banner

Halloween games and activities for kids can be quite fun-filled. These games will be pretty interesting for kids halloween parties, celebrations in the classroom or simply fun-filled weeks at home for enjoyment.

Let's delve into some Halloween games and activities for kids.

Halloween Feel Box: This is one of the most popular Halloween games. A surprise box can be curated with lots of food items as well as household products and then the kids can be made to guess as to what they think is inside of the box. This is an excellent guessing game which will keep the suspense intact.

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game: This is an interesting game full of fun for kids looking for mini or plastic pumpkins that will be hidden all around the house. The person or team that hunts and collects the most number of pumpkins will win. If you don’t find a lot of pumpkins available for real, draw some pumpkins on paper scraps and hide them.

Monster Freeze Dance: This is quite an interactive dancing game where the kids have to engage in live dancing till the music keeps playing. Then, once the music stops, they are bound to freeze. The children who do not freeze will be eliminated and the last person remaining will be declared the winner.

Old Costume Relay Race: A Halloween party dress-up game will definitely be loved by all. Division of kids is to be done into even numbers of teams for the relay race. The one team which has each of its members wear and remove their designated costumes wins the fashion parade.

Pass It On Ghost Story: Halloween will definitely be incomplete without a few ghost-story sessions in a round-robin manner. This is one spooky game which will have the kids' hair standing on end. You are supposed to sit in circles surrounded by candles or else mini flashlights do the trick as well. One person starts a spooky story and then their candle is blown out. Or their flashlight can also be turned off before passing on the story baton to the next person.

Candy Corn Relay Race: This game definitely tests your balancing skills. Kids have to be segregated into teams and their task is to move candy from bowl to bowl. You can only use a spoon but the candy corn cannot be touched with bare hands. Be the first one to transfer all the cotton candy among the bowls and nobody can stop you from coming first.

Wiggly Worm Race: This is a group game which can be played by all the kids together. The kids have to stick together and form a worm train and cannot break in between when moving from one point to another. This is a fun activity which can actually be enjoyed in teams or as a group in whole as well.

Pin The Stem on The Pumpkin: This is just like pinning the tail on the donkey. Here, a pumpkin is created from poster-board or cardboard and a stem is also kept separately for it. The kids are blindfolded and they have to try pinning the stem on the pumpkin. If the kids are super young, they can use masking tape instead of pushpins.

Halloween Musical Chairs: This is an exciting game with a fresh twist to the classical game of musical chairs. You can take print-outs of Halloween related images and put them all around the room. Smaller versions of the same can be put inside a jar. Let the Halloween music play and the kids can then choose images to stand on. An image can be pulled out of the jar and the person standing on that particular image is voted out. Image can be removed and the game is to be continued until a final winner has been chosen.

Halloween Guess Who: Characters suitable for the kids' age groups are to be chosen and a Halloween related character is to be pasted on each child’s back. Kids are not allowed to catch a glimpse of their character names. They can only take a walk and give each other clues about the characters present on their backside. The very first person who guesses the character names - wins the Halloween gift hamper.

Published on: 12th October 2021